The Arai RX-7V motorcycle Helmet

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If you’re a fan of motorcycle helmets, you might be looking for a new helmet. Lucky for you and all your fellow motorcyclists, we’ve compiled our list of the top 10 things we loved about the new Arai RX-7V Motorcycle Helmet! Will be available in June so your better learn all about it now!!


10 BEST things about Arai RX 7V Helmet:

A Complete Collection of 3 Different ARAI RX-7V

There are 3 different version of Arai RX-7V EVO helmet based on rider variation and lap demands. They are ARAI RX-7V EVO, RX-7V Racing, and RX-7V RC(carbon fiber edition). The Arai EVO helmets 2022 comes in different styles and colors based on the rider’s specific needs. The very best thing is that it will fulfill every fantasy a rider desires on the road. While the RX-7V EVO is the latest design upcoming in June 2022, the Arai RX-7V RC is the carbon fiber edition of the same design. 


The Arai RX-7V Racing helmet

To fulfill the racing needs and aerodynamic noise cancellation structure, The ARAI RX-7V racing is already out there available in the market. Additionally, The Arai Concept X and ARAI XD4 helmet is just another similar variant without any compromises and an old school vibe with an oval shape makes it perfect for every occasion. 

The Arai Quantic for Long Haul

Compare to the Arai Quantic which stands for longer wearing and high-speed comfort. You can’t just get enough of it. Perfect for ventilation, reduces high-speed noise, is comfortable on the neck, and is highly protective. 

arai quantic long haul

Arai RX 7V Helmet Construction

One of the great things about the Arai RX-7V coming in June is how easy it is to set up. The helmet comes with a special adjustment tool that makes it easy to find the right fit. Once you have it fitted, the helmet is very secure and comfortable.

Variable Axis System of Arai RX 7V

The VAS enabled Arai latest helmet 7V evo to get an extra 24mm of space by lowering the helmet shield position. It creates a smoother outlook and a great aerodynamic structure suitable for racing and sport.

Better Outer Shell

RX 7V is a standard helmet designed for racing and sport. The super fiber belt directly borrowed from their formula 1 racing technology increases the shell adaptability and absorption power. Arai’s proprietary belt also maintains lightweight construction while maintaining proper strength.  

arai rx 7v rc

Perfect Ventilation to Keep your NERVES cool!!

Another great feature of the Arai helmets is the ventilation system. It includes three air vents in the front and two in the back. This allows air to flow freely and keeps your head cool during hot weather conditions.

RX 7V EVO Ventilation

  • Similar technology compared to previous RX 7V. 
  • FFS- Free Flow System.
  •  An excellent and efficient ventilation system with improved stability.  
  • Switches operable center duct provide 11% more airflow. 
  • Side ducts and lower side areas are connected with the neck pad. 
  • The diffuser and intake scoops operate combined with Air Wing.  
  • Great ventilation and proper air flow reduces noise perfectly. 


  • The more hotter the lap gets the cooler you will feel with RX-7V  Racing edition.
  •  Racing category ventilation with FFS-free flow system. 
  • Air intakes from the mouth area and air intrusion blocked by chin cover. 
  •  Eye port air channels increases air exhaust. 
  • Fixed air intake from eye port area flows outwards through side ducts. 
  • Eye port channel, airflow through the neck area makes it one of the best quietest helmet. 

RX 7V RC Ventilation

  • Similar ventilation technology like predecessor RX-7V enables 11% more airflow through top ventilation port. 
  • Perfect air exhaust system through eye ports to side ducts. 
  • Modified aerodynamics with larger diffuser and intake scoops. 
  • Prevents air intake through chin cover and reduces noise. 
  • Effortless operation for ventilation ports 
  • Increases the rate of air exhaust to keep the interior cool.

Feature List offered by ARAI

ARAI helmets are well known for their great list of features. One of the coolest ARAI feature is offering two different sizes on a same size of outer shell. Isn’t that cool! Lets learn a few more of them. 

Basic ARAI features of ARAI RX-7V

  • 5-years limited warranty. 
  • Great liner for proper comfort. 
  • Great balance and air distribution. 
  • Mandatory ECE standard.  
  • Organic outer shell shape for a natural look. 
  • Washable interior.
  • Double-D smooth ring.
  • In house ARAI standard testing.

Outstanding ARAI features

  •  Same outer shell but two different sizes for perfect fit. 
  • Helmet glancing off surface during a collision.
  • Outer shell strength to distribute impact forces. 
  • Smooth air vent shape that breaks during a collision to ensure a smooth glancing. 
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