Motorcycle Cup Holder: Buying Guide and Review

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Riding a bike with a beverage on the hand can be a frequent event for you if you have a motorcycle cup holder attached to your motorcycle. Approximately 70% of riders have voted for the necessity of motorcycle cup holders, as it makes carrying a beverage easier on the road and helps you avoid stopping at gas stations or shops to grab a drink. 

One can easily mount a motorcycle cup holder in the handlebar easily for a comfortable reaching point and convenience. Although, there are different places like a clutch or brake perch does support lighter motorcycle cup holder attachment. Depending on the placing position and the material quality check out these 5 motorcycle cup holders for your drinks on the ride. 

Buying guide for the Long-Lasting Motorcycle Cup Holder

Following simple three steps would take you to the perfect motorcycle cup holder that fits your preference and riding style. Choosing something that matches your bike color or mounting position color is the initial styling sense but you can just go for anything based on your preference. 

Does Size Matter in the motorcycle cup holder?

If the motorcycle cup holder that you won fits your favorite cup perfectly, then size doesn’t matter in terms of choosing a motorcycle cup holder. Otherwise, you may need to find something  


Safety Precaution for mounting motorcycle cup holders

Before mounting a motorcycle cup holder, please check carefully if the cup holder position along with the cup blocks any view on the front side or not. Try rotating the handlebar on both sides to make sure that the cup holder is not blocking your view during the ride. 

As insufficient clearance may cause damage to the motorcycle or can create an imbalance situation during the ride. Such a situation could result in an accident which would lead to severe injury or death. 


How do you choose your motorcycle cup holder?

A perfect hand-grabbing position should be your first choice to place your motorcycle cup holder. Once, you are determined to get a motorcycle cup holder, consider the following to choose your motorcycle cup holder:

  1. Perfect Size: A wide range of motorcycle cup holders are available in the market and they vary depending on the size. Know your cup diameter and go for the one that suits your bike style and fits your cup with a firm grip. 
  2. Material Quality: Different brand has different materialistic combination to manufacture their motorcycle cup holder. Including Plastic, Polycarbonate, mesh fabric, metal, or leather. Metal usually gets hot under the sun so you should choose a thermos flask for that. On the other hand, plastic and polycarbonate cup holders lose their shining over the years though they provide a firm grip. 
  3. Adjustability: To use a variety of cups in your cup holder, you should consider adjustability to choose your motorcycle cup holder. You don’t want to get something that doesn’t fit your favorite cup. To prevent a situation like that, go for something that supports size changing.


Harley Davidson Cup Holder

I know you are flying high after reading Harley Davidson, one last ride on the road with an open-face helmet on the top: A desire of Heaven. The first choice discusses the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cup Holder, as we know that you don’t want to stop your heavenly ride just to have a sip of beverages. You can mount the universal motorcycle cup holders with any bike and the supporting gear would help you to mount the cup holder at your motorcycle brake 

Ciro Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated Motorcycle Cup Holder

#1 Ciro Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated Motorcycle Cup Holder

The best part of this one is that it fits all 82-up Harley-Davidson model clutch or brake perch mounting systems. The rubber net attached to it holds your drink secure even during a bumpy ride. The best-voted pros of this one are the chrome finish that satisfies the classy outlook. 

The mounting system of the Ciro Drink Holder

This motorcycle cup holder supports a clutch or brake perch mount. One can easily mount it with the handlebar clutch or brake perch. It has a solid mount to use securing a firm but strong grab to your cup. A universal cup holder is a perfect explanation for this one as you get everything in the box to mount it with your Harley Davidson or any other bike. 

Depending on the type of mount you can choose different mounting tools with the Ciro 3D Drink Holder Perch mount kit with chrome or black finish. 

What’s Inside the Box: 

A #1universal bar mounting round clamp with a screw attached to it that works as a universal mounting gear for the motorcycles. You can easily mount it in your Harley in the handlebar. You can even attach it to the crash bar. The ground clamp has a ball shape corner at the end which will hold your motorcycle cup holder through a #2 plastic nut. Along with that, you will get a super durable rubber basket that will hold your cup during the rides. 


motorcycle cup holder


  1. Perfect Adjustability 
  2. Tools Free Installation 
  3. 180-degree movement capability in perch mount
  4. Fits almost every design of beverage cups

Personal Favorite

Contain most of the cups
An Universal Cup Holder

Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Cup Holder Accessory

Another basket with a firm grip to your motorcycle brake perch or clutch supporting accountability. It consists of plastic fingers on the top, around the corner to provide firmly grasp onto the various-sized cups. Most riders loved the instant accessibility of the Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Cupholder

Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Cup Holder Accessory

Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Cup Holder Accessory

Another basket with a firm grip to your motorcycle brake perch or clutch supporting accountability. It consists of plastic fingers on the top, around the corner to provide firmly grasp onto the various-sized cups. Most riders loved the instant accessibility of the Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Cupholder

Compatible Models

I would love to address it as a universal motorcycle cup holder due to the clutch or brake perch mounting option. Although it has a list of specific models like  ’16-’19 R nine T Models, Ducati: ’15-’19 Scrambler, Honda GoldWing: GL1500, ’01-’19 GL1800 & ’13-’16 F6B, Harley-Davidson: ’82-’19 H-D. 

Kuryakyn 1462 has a solid bottom which is absent in the Ciro Drink Holder Perch mount. So, if you want a motorcycle cup holder with solid bottom then you can go for the Kuryakyn 1462 motorcycle cup holder. The solid bottom does not let your cup slip off during the ride. 

What’s Inside the Box?

  • A mesh Basket
  • Quick-detach Thumbscrew
  • A clamp
  • Plastic Round Screw

Kuryakyn Universal Drink holder features a mesh basket system, so you will get a mesh basket that holds different shapes of cups for your taste on the beverages. A quick-detach thumbscrew enables you an easy installation feature. As a result, you can attach or detach the basket without any tools and while not using the basket, you will just have a clamp on your brake perch. Additionally, you will get a plastic round screw to attach the basket with the perch clamp and you are ready to place your cup in the cupholder. 

cup holder
cup holder


  • Firm Grip
  • Solid Bottom
  • Clutch or Brake perch mounting
  • A universal motorcycle cup holder
  • Perfect fitment 


An Universal Cup Holder
Good Fit, Good Grip.

Kruzer Kaddy 200 Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder

If anyone is looking for a chrome finish with perfect mounting gear then Kruzer Kaddy is gonna be the top choice without any doubt. It’s glossy and it holds the cup perfectly.

A chrome finish with a metal body is a long-lasting combination for a bike cup holder. Other than the shiny look, the cup holder is protected from rust and scratch. It’s not only the exterior but the interior is also astonishing.


What’s in the Box:

Everything that you need to mount on your handlebar comes with the box. The mounting process supports tools-free installation and it can be done within a minute.

  • Two foam inserts
  • Insulated liners
  •  Steel Bracket
  • Mounting stud
Kruzer Kaddy 200 Chrome Motorcycle Cup Holder


  • Tools free installation
  • Rust and collision-free metal body
  • Handlebar mount
  • Glossy chrome finish
  • Holds different sizes of cup 


  • A bit smaller than others

Mentioned motorcycle cup holders serve you a refreshing touch of cold or hot drinks during a ride. If you are not sure about the perfect size of your cup on an everyday ride, then these will help you to fit a variety of cups without dismounting. Grab anything before the ride, place it on your motorcycle cup holder and you can have a sip without parking your bike. Stay safe and stay hydrated.

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