Giro Bike Helmets for Women (Over 200$)

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A helmet is only better for road bikers when it feels like it isn’t there. That set the vision for GIRO helmets. Over the years, Giro introduced some of the most prominent aerodynamic helmets for road bikers. 

Lightweight, unique aerodynamic designs with massive vents & MIPS technology are now common for helmets from Giro. But all of these are for every biker. Doesn’t GIRO have something special for Women? 

Thankfully, they do. And we will explore some of the Top Giro Bike Helmets for Women over 200$, today. But, you may be thinking, Why list bike helmets from Giro with a price range above 200$? Because it’s the quality taste women fall for, and just like you, quality isn’t cheap. Let’s explore.

1. Giro Aries Spherical Adult Road Bike Helmet (296$)

For 40 years, Giro has been introducing helmets that create new standards. Another jewel has been added to its crown with the Gio Aries. If you are a rider with previous Giro helmet experience, you will surely feel the difference in the Aries Spherical, in terms of weight, ventilation, comfort and skull protection.

Why Giro Aries Spherical is a Top Pick For Bike Helmets for Women? 

This year at the Canyon-SRAM you will see Women’s World Tour Team wearing the Giro Aries Spherical Helmet. Two special person: Haley Hunter Smith and Keegan Swinson from the 2022 Lifetime Grand Prix Winner will also wear the Giro Aries among other athletes at the Canyon-SRAM. 

When the experts are picking it for them, you can trust it by heart. Other than that, the more compact, narrower, cooler and lighter Giro Aries with a sleek design is surely the perfect Giro Bike Helmet for Women.

Following experts will be featuring the Giro Aries Spherical in multiple events throughout 2023. 

With a 4.6 average rating on Amazon, Giro Aries Spherical Adult Road Bike Helmet is one of the top lightweight choices for women on the road. With six color variation, Giro Aries weighs only 265 grams for its medium size helmet. Which explains its special lightweight feature perfectly.

Note: The Latest  2023 Giro Road Bike Helmet replacing the Giro Aether and Eclipse. Comparatively, The latest Giro Aries is narrower than the Giro Aether and Eclipse aero road helmet.

Safety Test Result of Giro Aires

When it’s about keeping your brains safe against crashes, Giro doesn’t compromise. Well, that’s what their marketing head Dane Zafke said. And maybe he is speaking the truth. I agree especially after checking out their MIP system.

Highest Safety Rating

The Giro Aries ranked the top at the Virginia Tech Helmet Testing system making it the safest helmet available in the market. And till date the Giro Aries has the highest safety rating from Virginia Tech Helmet Testing.

Giro Spherical Technology with MIPS

As the name suggests, the new Aries Spherical has Giro’s Spherical technology powered by MIPS. The spherical technology consists two pieces of foam that pivots on each other like a ball and socket to reduce the crash force. 

Note: We find a lot of queries regarding the MIPS technology but The GIRO Aries MIPS is so easy to understand. Let me break it to you. Well not the helmet because it’s quite unbreakable but the Giro Aries Spherical Adult Road Bike Helmet MIPS technology.


Structural Integrity

24 different vents. When you have a more number of vents in your bike helmet, the safety protection decreases. But Giro implemented the Aura Arch technology to the length of the helmet. 

Aura ARC tech is a polycarbonate bridge anchored in the foam. It provides additional support to the overall structure and give a lot of strength alongside. All  this just to keep your skull cool and brains intact. 

Sunglass gripper 

The outer shell of the GIRO Aries also has a gripper for a sunglass. It helped me a lot after the ride. As I always use a glass to ride my bike and I don’t like to keep it in a bag. The outside glass gripper can easily hold on to my glass. 

If you are someone always looking for your sunglass to grip safer above your head, then there is nothing more useful than the sunglass gripper. 

What is Giro Spherical MIPS Technology?

Think about two shell attached to one another. Where the inner shell rotates around your head and the outer one absorbs the crash impact. Let’s be a bit more technical: 

MIPS technology reduces the rotational motion that we possibly feel during a crash. The rotational force during an impact is so high on a typical helmet that the force directly affects the brain. Causing concussions, dizziness, blurry eyes and maybe a damage on the brain in case of extreme contact. 

How MIPS technology avoids crash impact?

With the MIPS technology, helmets inner shell is now able to slide 10-15 mm during a crash. Meaning, the outer shell gets the crash force and the inner shell let the skull slip against the contact impact. Resulting in avoiding a rotational force impacting the head. And that’s MIPS. One shell letting your head slide like a round surface on ice and the other shell absorbing the contact force to avoid brain injuries.   

Quality Testing (Ventilation)

I like Giro for its testing methods and procedures. They literally used a head-shaped thermometer to identify different hot spots within the helmet. And added vents accordingly to eliminate the hotspots with proper airflow. So, that will keep your skull cool even during a hot summer ride. 

2. Giro Eclipse Spherical (The Fastest Helmet Ever Made)

One of the Giro’s most sophisticated, stylish and lightweight helmet powered by innovative technology and an additional layer of protection. To protect your head, The aerodynamic eclipse spherical is crafted with Giro’s Spherical Technology powered by MIPS

5 different colors including blue, black, ash, white, and black and red combination will suit your outfit at any range. 


Comparison of Giro Eclipse and Giro Aether (Cooling Efficiency) 

The Eclipse spherical is not only the fastest but the coolest helmet also compared to the other competitor. Though the Giro Aether, the most loved helmet of Giro has a higher cooling efficiency. The Eclipse can be a perfect Giro Cooling Bike helmet for women compared to the nearest competitor.

Aerodynamic Design

According to Giro, The Eclipse Spherical is the fastest helmet they have ever tested. The spherical aerodynamic design saves 163.5 seconds over 100 miles. Beating the closest competitor by 14 seconds, making it one of the top choice as bike helmets for women. 

Cooling Efficiency of Giro Eclipse 

To maintain the cooling efficiency of Giro Road Bike Helmets, They tested it with a proprietary Therminator head form to measure their cooling capability. According to the Giro Therminator test result, Giro Eclipse Spherical has an 89.25% cooling efficiency, while the nearest competitors have a cooling efficiency of 88.64%. With the previous highest cooling efficiency The Giro Aether Road Bike Helmet has a rating of 89.75%.

What makes Giro Eclipse a Cool Road Bike Helmet for Women? 

14 vents and aerodynamic designs maintain such a high cooling efficiency at Giro Eclipse. While the sleek aerodynamic top shell streamlines airflow to reduce drag force, the frontal vents supply air through the skull cap. 

A great air supply throughout the helmet, pulled out by the 5 rear vents. Eventually taking out the heat from the hot spots. Resulting in exceptional cooling efficiency even in extremely hot summer days.  

Safety At a Competitive Price

Like the Giro Aries helmet, The Giro Eclipse also has Spherical Technology Powered by MIPS. Basically, the Eclipse and the Aether made the Giro Aries so special but to get a similar vibe with a lower price range, you can pick the Giro Eclipse as one of the top Giro Road Bike Helmets for Women. 

With a dual-density EPS foam liner, Giro Eclipse keeps your head cool, comfortable, and safe against high or low-speed impacts. And everything is included, it just weighs 265 grams for a typical medium size helmet.

The Perfect Fit with Giro Eclipse with ROC LOC Air Fit System 

Sir or mam, whoever reading this, even if you don’t buy at least try tis amazing feature of road bike helmet for once. With ROC LOC 5 air fit system, now you can suspend your helmet to get slightly off balance during the ride. 

ROC LOC 5 air fit system consists of two arrow-shaped liners connected to a ladder right under the internal shell. With one hand, you can move the arrow up and down to place the helmet in the most comfortable place on your skull. It allows you to easily custom fine-tune fit tension and fore-aft tilt in seconds.

Amazing Technology of Giro Eclipse

Amazing technology in the Giro Eclipse Spherical including The comfortable eps liner, adjustable air fit system, deep internal channeling, MIPS spherical technology, 14 wind tunnel vents are just there to keep your brain safe. And, if you are not going to take Giro Aries as it is a bit expensive then Giro Eclipse is a perfect road bike helmet for your everyday ride. 

Today, I would like to conclude my analysis on Giro Road Bike Helmets for Women. Though the above mentioned two helmets Giro Aries and Giro Eclipse are a bit expensive one, but if it’s quality and safety that you seek for your daily ride then these are the best available in the market. Leave a comment if you have any query regarding the Giro Aries 2023 or Giro Eclipse 2022 helmet. Bye!!! 

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