Top 8 Best Helmet Locks For Motorcycles

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Helmet locks have been a proven safety device on the roads for a long time now. But some states are now requiring that all helmets be equipped with these locks to keep riders safe. New helmet locks are even more secure and difficult to break than older ones.

What are helmet locks, and why do they exist?

Helmet locks are an important safety feature on motorcycles. They prevent the rider from falling off the bike if it is crashed. Helmet locks make it impossible for an unauthorized person to steal the motorcycle.

Helmet Locks and Motorcycle Safety:

Helmet locks are becoming increasingly popular among motorcycle riders as an additional safety measure. A helmet lock is a device that attaches to the helmet and prevents it from being removed without the correct key. This can help prevent theft in the event of a crash. While not a replacement for proper rider training and awareness, helmet locks can help to prevent some serious accidents.

Here is top helmet locks for motorcycle helmet :

1. Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension Black:

helmet lock

Feature :

  • 4 digit programmable locking mechanism
  • Made of Aluminum, Plastic, and Zinc
  • A special Feature is Rubber Coated



HelmetLok 4104 is the only carabiner-style helmet lock with a 4 digit programmable locking mechanism. This makes it easy to lock your helmet to your bike, handlebars, or any other piece of gear in seconds without remembering a complex code. Whether you’re biking to work or taking a leisurely ride on your mountain bike, HelmetLok ensures that your helmet stays safely secured – even if the wind takes hold.


2. Kuryakyn 4248 Motorcycle Accessory: License Plate Helmet Security Lock with Moun

lock for Motorcycle helmet

Feature :

  • Allow to safely and securely lock your helmet.
  • Designed with tamper-proof screws and provided extra security
  • fit to use on most flat license plate brackets
  • black helmet lock and key set
  • lock mount bracket


Introducing the Kuryakyn 4248 Motorcycle Accessory License Plate Helmet Security Lock. This unique security device enables you to safely and securely lock your helmet, protecting it from theft. Designed with tamper-proof screws, this lock provides extra security for your valuable helmet. Easily bolts onto the front or rear of your motorcycle’s license plate, providing added protection while on the road.

3.Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock:

Feature :

  • easy to use
  •  strong heat-treated steel with stainless steel 3-millimeter cable embedded between the two nuts
  • This allows it to be securely fastened to helmets of different sizes
  • Durable treated galvanized rivet


Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock is the perfect way to keep your helmet secure and safe. The lock is easy to use and fits many applications. The strong heat treated steel will protect your helmet from damage, and the stainless steel 3 millimeter cable embedded between 2 n protects your bike from theft.

4. Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle Accessory: Tamper-Proof Helmet Security Lock

best lock for motorcycle helmet

Feature :

  • safely and securely lock your helmet
  • tamper-proof screws providing extra security
  • Lock clamps directly to your motorcycle
  • Works best mounted on a 2 1/4″ long section of straight tube
  • Universal fit for 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ diameter tubing

The Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle Accessory Tamper-Proof Helmet Security Lock is the perfect way to keep your helmet secure while riding. The lock clamps directly to your motorcycle, making it ideal for use with engine guards and other accessories. The security features ensure that no one else can get their hands on your valuable helmet!

5. GUAIMI License Plate Helmet Security Lock with Mount Carved American Flag:

best lock for motorcycle helmet

Feature :

  • Mounting holes intended for standard 4″ x 7″ license plate
  • Made by High-Quality Steel
  •  Easily bolt to the back of many bikes and allows stress-free access

Introducing the GUAIMI License Plate Helmet Security Lock with American Flag Mount. This security lock is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their helmet safe and secure while on their motorcycle. The mount securely fastens to most standard flat license plate brackets. It features mounting holes designed specifically for 4″ x 7″ license plates. This security lock is perfect for use on most motorcycles with its universal fit.

6. Motorcycle Helmet Lock Anti-Theft For Ducati Scrambler

best lock for helmet

Feature :

  • Aluminum and Steel
  • Item is easy to install and includes instruction

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Anti-Theft is the perfect solution for Ducati Scrambler owners who want to keep their bikes safe and secure. This product is made of high-quality aluminum and steel, is easy to install, and includes a built-in key lock. The helmet lock will help protect your bike against theft, and it is perfect for use on all types of motorcycles.

7. GUAIMI Motorcycle Helmet Lock Anti-Theft Helmet Security

best lock for motorcycle helmet

Feature :

  • High-Quality Helmet Lock
  • Safe and Durable Lock
  • Super practical daily
  • Easy to Install: With mounting instructions, you can gain all the functions in 5 mins
  • anti-theft helmet lock specially designed


Introducing the GUAIMI motorcycle helmet lock anti-theft helmet security system. This secure, easy-to-use device secures your helmet to your bike for extra protection in an accident or theft. Your helmet is locked securely to the bike, preventing it from being stolen or lost.

How to use a helmet lock?

Helmet locks come in various shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that will fit your helmet perfectly. Some helmets have twodifferent-sized locks, while others may have just one. If you’re using a lock that doesn’t come with a key, you’ll need to remove the helmet’s chin strap and find the locking mechanism.

How dangerous are helmet locks, and why are

Are they so popular?

Helmet locks are popular because they protect riders from falling off their

motorcycles. Unfortunately, helmet locks can also be dangerous. Helmet locks can become stuck in the open position, trapping a rider’s head and neck inside the helmet. This can lead to serious injury or even death.

 Fortunately, Helmets with properly functioning fasteners can resist being pulled open by a helmet lock. If you’re ever in doubt about the safety of your helmet lock, don’t use it. Instead, take your motorcycle to a mechanic to inspect and replace any unsafe parts.


Helmet locks for motorcycles have come a long way in the past few years. They provide an extra measure of safety for bikers, but many also look stylish and add an air of customization to a bike. Here are some of the key benefits of using helmet locks on motorcycles: 

-They help increase the security of your bike. 

-They can deter would-be thieves from attempting to steal your bike. 

-They can help keep your helmet safe if it falls off while riding. 

-They can add an extra layer of protection if you ever fall off your motorcycle.

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