How To Adjust A Giro MIPS Helmet

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The Giro Mips helmet is a great product that can help protect your head while biking. Helmettips will go through the steps on how to adjust your Giro MIPS helmet or Giro Savant Helmet and basic safety helmet tips for those who are new to bike riding.

How to Adjust Giro MIPS Helmet

 What is a Giro MIPS Helmet?


Giro company specializes in cycling helmets. The Giro MIPS helmet is their top-of-the-line model. The MIPS is standard measuring parameter stands Patented Brain Protection System (BPS). For a full-face cycling helmet GIRO has designed their MIPS helmets to provide superior protection. It features a triple-density EPS liner, which provides superior protection against impacts. The helmet also has a ratcheting system, which allows you to adjust the helmet’s fit to ensure a perfect fit. The Giro MIPS helmet is also adjustable for height and width, making it compatible with most head sizes.

Why Should you Buy?


The Giro helmet is an excellent choice for cyclists who want the utmost protection. It features a triple-density EPS liner, which provides superior protection against impacts. The ratcheting system of GIRO MIPS helmet makes it easy to adjust the helmet’s fit, and it is also adjustable for height and width. Whether riding in the city or on long rides in the countryside, the Giro Mirage helmet will provide you with superior protection.

How to Adjust Giro MIPS Helmet?

The Giro MIPS helmet is a modular helmet that can be adjusted to fit each individual. This is done by loosening the screw on the top of the helmet and then sliding the adjustment wheel underneath. Once the wheel is in the desired position, tighten the screw to secure the adjustment.

How to Adjust Giro MIPS Helmet

For a more snug fit, you can adjust the fit by tightening or loosening the straps on either side of the head. The Mirage also comes with two removable liners to switch out for colder weather conditions. Finally, wear your helmet when riding to protect your head from injuries.


Adjusting your Giro MIPS helmet is important to ensure a comfortable fit. 

4 Steps  to adjust your Giro helmet:

Remove>>Adjust Chin Straps>>Adjust forehand Bands>> Align the Eyeshields

  • Remove the helmet from the head by pushing up on the front and rear of the helmet.
  • Adjust the Chin Straps by pulling them towards you or away from you. You can also adjust them in the middle if needed. Make sure that the straps are tight against your chin but not too tight that it causes pain or discomfort.
  • Adjust the Forehead Band by sliding it up or down its vertical axis. The forehead band should be positioned to sit flat against your forehead when worn. If necessary, you can also adjust the size of the forehead band by rotating it around its horizontal axis.
  • Align the Eye shields by clicking them at the top and bottom of their grooves on either side of your face. The eyepieces should sit just above or below your eyes, depending on your eye distance and prescription glasses.
  • Reinstall the helmet on your head by lining up the ear cups with your ears, pressing down firmly on each side until they

Giro MIPS advantages


There are many advantages to wearing a Giro MIPS helmet. These helmets provide excellent protection in a crash and are also very lightweight. Some of the benefits of wearing a Giro MIPS helmet include: 

Increased safety: A Giro MIPS helmet provides enhanced protection in the event of a crash. This is because it has been designed to resist rotational and impact forces. 

-Reduced weight: A Giro MIPS helmet is much lighter than traditional helmets, making it easier to wear for long periods. This is especially important when cycling, as it can help to improve overall performance. 

Reduced fatigue: Wearing a Giro MIPS helmet can reduce fatigue during long rides. The increased protection means that you will not have to worry as much about being struck by debris or experiencing other impacts.

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