Welding Helmet Lights For Darker Workstations

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Welding helmets ensure better protection and safety assurance. Best Welding helmet lights attached to them creates a better visual for the surroundings. Welders often complain about their darker workplaces. Darker workstations cause inefficiency and often result in low-quality welds. Light lets us see through the eyes and welders depend a lot upon the light to weld perfectly.

Safety in welding comes with some basic principles. Following them ensures safe welding for the products and welders. To choose welding helmet lights, understanding the helmet standard is also important. If you want to learn the whole of it, then stay put till the last.

Why brighter lighting is important to welding?

Focusing on the straight joints or any welding operation requires proper light to improve your welding experience. Adding a welding helmet light increases your solid welding capability. While your face is protected under the welding helmet shield, the lights attached to the helmet improve your vision. Additionally, A safe welding environment, proper ventilation, and respiratory protection are just as important as the brighter lighting condition to weld. 

Ensuring safety with Certified Welding Helmet

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is not enough during welding. A certified welding helmet is a fundamental requirement to start.  Different states follow different standards to acquire market permits. For example, In the United States, a welding helmet needs to fulfill the ANSI standards. Consequently, In Canada helmets need to be CSA compliant and In the United Kingdom, welding helmets must follow EN 175, EN 379, and EN 166 standards.

Types of Welding Helmet

  1. A passive Welding Helmet: Typically a shade #10 having dark tinted lenses are attached with the passive welding helmet. You have to watch through the dark lens. It does not work like a photochromic shield, it remains in a dark state. Although these helmet shields are lightweight, you have to remove them to inspect the welding condition. 
  2. An auto-darkening variable shade: The name stands for it. It has suitable variations for all stages of welders. An auto-darkening welding helmet shield is appropriate in case of a similar welding process and similar material. You will get the economy of a fixed-shade helmet ranges between shade #8 to shade #10 and the pros of auto-darkening.

Additional Safety Suggestions

The welder’s helmet is a safety precaution to wield in any condition. Always wear a mask under the welding helmet, to protect your eyes. Welding helmet covers the eye, face, a portion of the hands, and the neck during welding. are also a must to conduct welding. In each region, a welding helmet requires a proper standard to follow and different states follow different standards to allow operation.

1. ANSI standard in the USA

The ANSI Z87. +1 industry-standard follows the specified performance on protecting a wide variety of eye protection devices i.e. welding helmets. In such a case, the Auto-darkening helmets are supposed to be both UV and IR protective even in the brighter state.  Such certifications under the ANSI standard mean that the certified helmet is protective enough against such hazardous situations. 

2. CSA Compliant

Followingly, the CSA Z94.3-compliant refers to eye and face protectors used in industrial and educational processes. In Canada, equipment related to protective gear against flying particles, heat/sparks, arc, or chemical splashes is certified through the CSA Z94.3 standard. Such certifications mean that the certified helmet is protective enough against such hazardous situations. 

3. UK & standard for welding helmet

EN 175 is the most coveted section of the UK standard for personal protective gears. Protective gear against any optical radiation as well as flying molecules or chemical hazards in the air is certified under EN175 standard. Additionally, EN 379 and EN 166 are similarly popular in certifying welding helmets.

A glimpse about welding helmet shield

Welding flash often causes eye burns if the shading of your welding helmet is not perfect. Shading on a welding flash prevents the brighter arc flash from directly affecting your eyes. Welding helmet shadings are defined by a number. In short, the higher the shading number is the darker the lens will be. One can identify welding helmets through lens types.

Choosing the Right Lens Shading

Fixed and variable shade on the lenses categorizes the type of welding helmets. Fixed shade helmet lenses are fixed on a single shading range to become dark, usually shade #10. Furthermore, the lens should react faster as the moment arcing starts. Usually, the normal shade is shade #3 to shade #4, then quickly reaches a higher shade.

You can also go for Auto Darkening Welding Helmets.

Choose the Fastest one

The process is easy choosing the right lens shading in a welding helmet shield. Choose anyone having a faster lens reaction time. Faster lens reactions are suitable for higher arcing or flash brightness. Long term eye-protection depends on the type of lens.

Depending on the welding condition, you can attach welding helmet lights to improve your welding experience. Sensitivity in welding is an important factor. In most cases, the auto-darkening helmets allow welders to select the sensitivity to light.

Welding Helmet Lights made Specifically for Darker Workstations

One can create a brighter workstation for welding in two ways. buy acquiring an electric welding helmet light accessory kit or simply by adding an additional welding helmet light. We have categorized 6 different products into two categories.

  1. Welding helmet lights that fit most welding helmets
  2. Efficient Helmet Lighting Accessory Kit

The universal Welding helmet lights

Universal welding helmet light fits most welding helmets. These are easier to install, works specifically to light up the welding points. Universal welding helmet lights are usually attached to the helmet through thumbscrews. Usually, they are attached to the edges of the helmet and fixed towards a single point.

Life Mount’s Clamp-On Light In short

 Life mounts camp on welding helmet light fits most of the welding helmets. Strong points like Durable design, easy to use, and compatibility with multiple welding helmet makes it a suitable choice.  Welding helmet brims with 5/15″ or less successfully get attached to the light mount camp on.
Life Mount’s Clamp-on Universal Welding Helmet Light
    • A must-have powerful small Helmet mounted light for welding.
    • 360-degree rotation on any surface.
    • Variable focus.
    • 300- lumen powerful beam.
    • Single-axis rotation.
    • Lower operating period.
    • Single Battery.
    • Attachment through thumbscrews.
Personalized rating for Life Mount's Clamp on

A hand-free design

Light mount’s clamp-on welding helmet light is a hands-free design that puts light on the exact places you need. Clamp it with welding helmets, hard hats, or fire and tactical helmets. In the same way, the rest is assured with the 360-degree rotation capability.

Tools-Free Installation

The combination of aluminum and silicone has developed a stable body in Life Mount’s clamp-on welding helmet light. The tools-free installation allows the welder to attach and move freely.  In spite of a secure fit with the thumbscrews, it stay put when you needed it most. The aluminum body is shock and spray-proof for maximum durability.

Edge fitting style of Life Mount’s Clamp-on Light

360-degree Rotation angle

A rotational clamp is attached to the lights that illuminate a powerful 300-lumen light beam with a variable focus point. The rotational allows a 360-degree free rotation to focus on the exact point. A simple push-button enables easy operation. The 300-lumen light beam is capable of illuminating up to 1000 feet ahead.

Streamlight 69189 Vantage LED Tactical Flashlight

An easy side mounts welding helmet light that fits most of the welding helmet. A strong blue beam with a  plastic feel screw to mount is a great choice for your darker workstations. Fire helmets, or strong caps, welding helmets of versatile models are easily fitted with this one. It is in short a powerful pick for your welding helmet.

Streamlight 69198 Vantage LED Tactical Light


    •  360-degree rotation angle
    • Chemically resistant
    • Lightweight-6.4 ounces
    • Tools free installation


    • Plastic feel screw: little concern about its durability
    •  Comes with non-rechargeable batteries
    • Water-resistance is weak
Personalized rating for Streamlight's Vantage 69198

A versatile Design for Welding Helmets

Streamlight’s innovations are being developed in every angle to help the professionals improve their everyday workstations. Mostly, the 69198 is specially developed for the firefighters to work in low-light conditions. On the other hand, the versatility of this design enables it to fit perfectly for the welding helmet light attachment. 

360-degree Rotational Angle

The 360-degree rotational angle of the Streamlight Vantage 69198 makes it a suitable choice for welders. Additionally, the powerful 115-lumen tactical LED light beam lasts up to 6 hours with the 2x CR123A batteries that come with the box. Furthermore, the peak beam distance is 167 meters and it serves its purpose well. 

Streamlight Vantage 69198 back view

Tools Free Installation

Vantage 69198 supports an easy one-hand installation system with a screw mounted on it. The easier one-hand push-button switch even works with the gloves on and that is a strong point in terms of welding helmet light. On the contrary, the dial-in switching function, optimal lighting angle, and one-hand installation make it a strong pick for darker workstations. 

Princeton Tec MPLS LED Light System

This task light offers extremely lightweight and universal compatibility for most welding helmets. A dual bright light structure offers versatile colors and variable focus points with multiple brightness levels. Additionally, an improved design and color varieties have placed Princeton Tec Switch MPLS in our top universal welding helmet light list.

Princeton Tec MLPS Switch Light


  • A versatile Design for Helmets
  • Multiple Installation System

  • A large push-button for easy operation 

  • Water-resistant to splashing

  • Tools-free installation
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Efficient Light Modes
Personalized rating for Princeton Tec Switch MPLS

A flexible Versatile Design

The tech switch is a successor of the Princeton Tec point version with a modular and flexible rate of illumination. Regardless of its smaller size, it is quite unchallenged for its versatile design. From military purpose to a welding operation, one can easily equip the Tec switch MLPS with their helmets to get the job done. 

Efficient light modes

Although the previous model of Princeton Tech Point had only two light modes, the upgraded Tech Switch has ultrabright LED, ideal for close to mid-range tasks. It has built-in two ultrabright LEDs but no IR capabilities. It emits medium brown light initially and white light at various levels. Additionally, the red light points at a single level concerning tasks like reading maps or pointing welding areas.

Easy Installation 

One can mount the Princeton Tech Switch MLPS with multiple mounting systems. For welding helmets, the MICH mount installation is the most preferred option. Follow simple steps to mount with the metal U-clip that comes with the box. 

Princeton Tec MLPS Switch (black)

Firstly, pull out the screw so the end of the screw is flush with a metal U-clip. Secondly, slide the exposed U-clip over the bottom edge of your helmet with the metal clip on the inside. Lastly, you will have the plastic base exposed on the outside of your Helmet and by holding the mount firmly upward, tighten the center slotted screw to mount it with your welding helmet.

A perfect Personal Work light 

Depending on the design, operation procedure and mounting capability of the Princeton Tech Switch MLPS is a perfect personal work light and it fits most of the welding helmets. This won’t make everything brighter in your surroundings but surely enable you to complete your focused task through its emission power.

Efficient Welding Helmet Lighting Accessory Kit

 The lighting accessory kit for welding helmets comes with several parts. Accessory kits are adjustable and can fulfill the purpose of the versatile welding operation. Furthermore, Miller’s welding helmet lighting accessory kits often come with two different flashlights and multiple mounting arms with high battery capacity.

Miller Electric Welding Helmet Lights Accessory Kit

A 140-lumen illumination with filter shade 3 is the prime focal point of the Miller Electric Welding Helmet light accessory kit. While the power source is two AAA batteries, the kit runs for a maximum of 5 hours. A headgear mounting facility is enabled for attachments. 

Miller Welding Helmet Light Kit

Highlighted Features:
  • Multiple brightness modes

  • Dual LED structure

  • Different light modes

  • Easy installation


    • Easy to mount and Install. 
    • Lightweight.
    • Adjustable light beam 


    • Batteries burn quickly. 
    •  Not compatible with all welding helmet. 
    • Non-rechargeable batteries
Personalized rating for Miller Electric Welding Light Kit

A compact design welding helmet lights

Although the Miller electric welding helmet light accessory kit #2822013 does not fit with all welding helmets, the compact design is an instant solution to the others. The kit consists of two flashlights and mounting gear to attach them. Each flashlight has 70-lumens of illumination and these are pretty powerful for darker workstations.  

Powerful Visibility 

This powerful welding helmet light kit provides additional visibility in darker workstations, improving efficiency and work speed. Additionally, the total 140-lumen illumination by two flashlights is just perfect for brightening the work environment. 


What’s in the box? 

You will get two flashlights with this welding helmet light kit accessory package including a mountain arm or adapter, 2 single AAA batteries per flashlight. With the elite version, you will get black adapters for gen 2/3 headgear and a grey adapter for Gen 1. 

Miller Electric Welding Helmet Light Accessory Kit 

If you have read up to this point then, I guess you have learned a lot about welding helmet light and you are ready to be geared up. Remember, safety is the first priority in welding. The more safer you your working environment is, the more reliable your welding output will be. Moreover, choose your welding helmet light carefully to become efficient in welding. 

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