World Motorcycle Day 2023: History & Observations!!

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Did you know that world motorcycle day is observed in the longest day of the year? Yes, on each longest day of the year dated June 21 was declared as the World Motorcycle Day in 2012. A US-based advocacy rider group named as declared this special day to promote motorcycles for everyday transportation and leisure movement.

world motorcycle day facts

World Motorcycle Day Theme – Initially proposed to promote freedom on the road and was proposed by Initially they proposed this day to promote motorcycles for both transportation and leisure. But, I guess we do not need that anymore as it is already a clearly established medium for our everyday transportation. So, each year, we have a separate theme for World Motorcycle Day.

History of Motorcycle 

Just as it is celebrated in the longest day of the year, the history of motorcycle is long enough. Hilderbrand & Wolfmuller Motoradd launched the first ever successful commercial motorcycle in 1894. Though the idea was developed back in 1860’s by Pierre Michaux in Paris. He dreamt of a cycle equipped with steam engine.

The first commercial motorcycle by the germans was equipped with a 1,489CC engine and I guess you are dying to see it. The following image contains the diaphragm of Hilderbrand & Wolfmuller motorcycle

What is so special about World Motorcycle Day 2023? 

This year, this special motorbike day 2023 theme is to embrace the adventure. Like, explore a new route today for your journey or embark on a epic road. To enjoy this year’s motorcycle oriented day, you can seek out hidden trails or even can use a different track to complete your regular tasks. 

Looking for other suggestions to celebrate the world motorcycle day? Well you have a basket full of suggestions to celebrate this special day dedicated to enjoy your everyday ride.

Give it a proper wash

Just the way we celebrate our occasions, you can give your motorcycle a deep cleaning on this special day. You can do it by yourself or you can visit your nearest helmet cleaning shop to ensure a proper and deep clean for your ride. It’s your ride’s day and offering a fresh look to your bike today will make your ride smoother.

Go on a Blank Ride

Leave everything behind and throttle your bike engine to the unknown without any purpose. Like, you will not think about fulfilling a task with this ride, you will listen to your bike engine and ride for fun. This is the day to understand your everyday companion.

Buy a new helmet

Well. it’s really not a helmet day. But on this day, you can spend some on your ride safety. To execute a preventive safety measure, you can always go for a better helmet. Even if you have the finest one, there is an upgrade. You can also get a helmet that matches your bike to fulfill the combo.

Even if you want, you can get a badass themed Batman Motorcycle Helmet on this special day to have a funky ride. But make sure that you are alone, as the bat does not like company. 

Buy a Safety Gear for your bike

Bikes are stronger and protective with additional safety gears. Safety gears not only protects your bike but also avoids injuries to specific body parts. In the below section, I have enlisted a few emergency and necessary safety gear for your bike to protect the ride, the rider with an improved look. There is nothing wrong to equip a new safety gear to your bike just to make it look a bit more bold. On this special occasion, your motorcycle deserves a new look.

Let just not focus into the motorcycle on this very special day for the riders, it is also a day to find new ways of ensuring proper safety on the road. May the world motorcycle day brings new path for you to cherish your everyday ride, but please wear proper safety gear to avoid unpleasant situations on the road. Happy World Motorcycle Day 2023!!!

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