Badass Welding Helmet Top Picks (2021-2023): 3M | VIKING | SENTINEL A60

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It’s hard to believe but, the welding gear industry worldwide will reach $15,210 million by the end of 2026. It has grown significantly over the past few years and there will be a 4.8% growth from 2021 to 2026. 

As the average annual salary of a seasonal welder starts from $29,000 for a beginner to $69,000 for a pro in the business. Any welding gear demand is now higher than ever. 

Higher pay scale, variable industry working opportunity and proactive skills have made welders a valuable part in the automotive industry. For welders, safety comes first and fashion later. 

But a fashionable welding helmet is not just a fashionwear anymore. Fashionable welding helmets are now more lightweight, safer and technologically advanced to get your welding done perfectly.

Most used Badass Looking Welding helmet brands worldwide:

  • 3M Speedglas
  • Lincoln
  • FibreMetal
  • Inweld
  • Esab
  • Jackson
  • Metal Man
  • Save Phace
  • Weldmark Welding Helmet

Among all the available brands, welding helmets come in two variants. Firstly, the auto darkening welding helmet and the fixed shade welding helmet. Today we will only talk about the auto-darkening fashionable badass looking welding helmets. 

3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet Tribute 07- 0012-31TB

Now, you can stand out from the crowd, with a welding hood that represents the USA flag color code. Blue, white, and red. Fabulous color mix-up created a badass outlook on this helmet. Although the overall design could be better, yet it will create enough difference even if you are welding in a darker workstations.   
3M Speedglas Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Features of 3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet Tribute 07-0012-31TB:

  • 100V Filter
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 1.7 X 3.7-inch viewing area
  • Selectable Shades 8-12
  • Shade 3 light state
  • Face protection against sparks and spatter
  • Eye protection from harmful radiation
Now, this 3M Speedglas Badass Welding Helmet is from the top pick list of 2021. And, maybe you don’t want to be hooked with a welding helmet this old. Let’s move to the top badass welding hood pick of 2022.

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Steampunk Badass Welding Hood (Top Pick from 2022)

Lincoln welding helmets are well known for their all day comfort feature. Properly distributed weight with a wider screen view is just nothing but a perfect combo for welding gear. 

Steampunk by Lincoln: Retro look with innovative design

 The name Steampunk may have already created the idea of its retro looks in your mind. But the features are just as innovative as possible. This metal color retro hood is a symbol of aristocracy and innovation for welding helmet design. But that has an expensive price to pay.

Explore the image carousal below to find available Steampunk 3350 badass designs for welding hood!!!

Features of Badass Looking Steampunk 3350 Series Features by Lincoln:

  • 4C lens technology: ultra clear, wider view
  • 5-13 auto darkening shade range
  • 12.5 (3.74 X 3.34) square inches display 
  • Consistent shade at all angles
  • Adjustable resting position 
  • Low profile external grind button
  • Superior outdoor performance for all environment
  • Innovative form fit
  • Rotatable padded headband

Thousands of users worldwide have voted for the Steampunk 3350 series as one of the masterpiece of auto darkening welding helmet. 

Why Steampunk 3350 Welding Helmet is the best auto-darkening badass welding helmet?

4 sensors combinedly powered by solar and battery have made it one of the best for all day welding. Multiple color variation and a perfectly textured design have placed it among the top picks for the badass helmet of 2022. 

If you are still with us, don’t leave now. Because we have a few more to extinguish your arc. Let’s explore the latest of Badass Welding Helmets from Top Picks of 2023

ESAB Sentinel A60

Another comfortable choice for professional welders. Sentinel A50 is the perfect example of great balance and super safe combination. Flip-up lens, adjustable headgear, multiple lens settings, and an easy switch make it a better choice for all genres of welders.

What makes ESAB Sentinel A60 a Badass Welding Helmet?

ESAB Sentinel A50 is not actually a punk-looking badass welding hood but this is sleek and shiny; closer to representing the dark knight with a auto darkening lens. Low battery, grind mode and shade lock LEDs with ESAB OpTCS True Color Lens technology makes it a badass to thrive longer for welders. This is basically a cape that heroes should wear; especially when the duty is longer than usual. 

Features of ESAB Sentinel A60

  •  40% larger viewing area (4.65 X 2.80 in) (compared to Sentinel A50)
  • EN 1/1/1/1 rated EDF
  • Intuitive interface with customizable 5-way adjustability
  • External grind mode control (operatable even with a heavy glove)
  • Lightweight and ergonimic
  • High impact resistance nylon
  • Low profile design
  • Comfortable for all day welding
  • ESAB OpTCS true color ADF

The ESAB Sentinel A60 has everything that was missing in Sentinel A50. 40% larger view than A50. A huge panoramic view with perfect optical clarity makes it easy for the eyes. Alongside the new OpTCS technology enhanced true color view reduces eye fatigue for the most demand load.

Well, we have just reached 3 of the most badass welding helmet till now. Depending on your needs and workstations requirement, you can get hundreds of them in different colors. We will keep our latest top picks of badass welding helmet short for today. Let us know about the exact welding helmet that you want us to review and we will get back with it. 

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