Save Phace Welding Helmet Parts

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It all started with a single face mask in childhood. Now the vibe has reached our workstation. Not all heroes wear caps but the heroes in welding can wear some. The save phace welding helmets are there to color the faces with our favorite superhero-themed welding masks and it comes along with a bucket of user-friendly parts. To read about superhero themed welding masks from Save Phace, click on the link below. 

Save Phace Welding Helmets come with similar category parts list and they have quite the same feature. But the looks on these welding masks are really unique. As a superhero freak these are my favorite. 

Save Phace Welding Helmet Parts

I guess now you are familiar with the Save Phace Welding Helmets. Let’s get beck to the parts. 

Auto Darkening Lens

The main feature of save phace helmets is 180 degree auto darkening filter. It has an auto darkening lens that covers ear to ear vision. It is a great feature for darker workstations. According to save phace, this is one of the fastest shade changing lens in the market. 

Save Phace Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Replacement Parts

The ADF lens dimension in Save Phace is 4.3*2 inches. The auto darkeing filter has a small solar panel to power up. The UV/IR filter is just great to protect eyes from ultraviolet and infrared rays. You can always change to other ADF filters. They are removable and placeable in passive shade lens as well. With a Shade 4 light state, it takes .1-.9 time from dark to light transformation. And you can always add a Welding Hood Light for your light adjustment. 


Save Phace Welding Helmet Replacement Parts

Each parts in save phace welding helmet is replaceable. Starting from the ADF lenses, to clear lens, lens holder, the UV/IR filter are replaceable too. The helmet comes with 2 lithium metal batteries that are also replaceable. So no worries for that. 

The Halo Headgear (replaceable)

Another replaceable parts for save phace welding masks is 9 point premium quality adjustable Halo Headgear. It has a sweat absorbent Headband. You can use the headband to move the hood closer to face or further away of it. The headband absorbs sweat and it will surely clear your back of the head sweating problem.
Even though save phace marked this headgear as a comfortable one, several users faced issues with it. I would suggest you to swap or replace the headgear with a Lincoln Electric Viking Series Headgear as they are quiet popular for their comfortable fitting. The replaceable Halo Headgear parts of save phace welding helmet can have a 4.2 starts rating from my side. 

I don’t feel good about this point but save phace declared that the adjustable ADF lens comes with the helmet package. But several welders filed a complain that, The save phace welding helmet package does not contain any Auto Darkening Adjustable Filter. It is an auto darkening filter but not adjustable.  

Basically, this was all about the Phace Welding Helmet parts and all the replaceable save phace welding helmet replaceable parts. Before leaving let’s just recap all the parts list that comes with these badass superhero-themed welding helmet masks. 

All Save Phace Welding Helmet Parts list

  1. Complete Headband
  2. Inside Cover Lens
  3. ADF Filter (non-adjustable)
  4. Front Cover Lens
  5. Headband Knob
  6. Helmet Shell


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