Daytona Helmets: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying!!!

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Daytona Helmets have become extremely popular for their half shell designs over the past 30 years or so. For vintage motorcycle helmets, Daytona is well appreciated among the cruiser rider community. But, there’s more than just vintage or retro motorcycle helmet by Daytona. The carbon fiber half shell motorcycle helmet from Daytona has a great reputation too. 

Daytona helmets can be classified and explored into two to three different section. There’s not so many model released by Daytona but the looks, colors and graphics have beaten their competitors by a great margin. Let’s explore the fundamental categories of Daytona Helmets: 

Firstly, D.O.T 1/2 Shell Daytona Helmet covers the skull caps, carbon fiber or not. 3/4 shell titled helmet from Daytona covers the cruiser helmet section, retro or not. Full Face helmets from Daytona are not that popular in certain regions, but they also have sleek designs and comfortable features too. 

What Does D.O.T Before Daytona Helmet Title Means?

You may have seen the most Daytona Helmets have a “D.O.T” text written on their helmet title name. Well, D.O.T. is not something that Daytona won. But that is the certification from the Department of Transportation. And Daytona is using it as a unique selling point for their branding. 

Astonishingly, they have succeeded in their goal perfectly. Because, I have heard people saying “Can you show me some design from the D.O.T Daytona Skull Cap?” Till then, I have added it in my perspective of representing Daytona Helmets. 

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Where are Daytona Helmets manufactured?

Well, it has to be Daytona Beach, Florida. Just like the name suggests. Every products including the Daytona Cruiser or skull cap are manufactured in their production house located at Daytona. On-site quality testing facilities and strict industry standard production process in Daytona, makes their helmets a great piece for everyday user. 

Which one is the best retro look Daytona Helmet? 

From my point of view, the best retro look Daytona helmet is the full-face Day5tona Retro motorcycle helmet. The price varies in stores from $138 to $165. This is also the smallest DOT-approved full-face motorcycle helmet ever made. It also meets the FMVSS 218 safety standards. It has moisture-wicking inner liner fabric in all of its available sizes from XS (Extra Small) to 2XL.

The Daytona Retro full-face motorcycle helmet has superior crash protection with nylon strap retention and a quick release system. Just like always it has every tone to add to your daily ride. I guess that’s what Daytona means. 

Which one is the cheapest Daytona Helmet? 

With 79$ price, Daytona Skull Cap is available in Amazon is the cheapest Daytona Helmet. Even based on the price mentioned in the Daytona official website, The DOT approved Daytona Skull Cap without visor one is the cheapest Daytona Helmet available in the market. It is available in 12 different color shade, available from 3XS to 4XL size. This makes it the smallest ever helmet made from Daytona. So, if you are looking for skull cap for your toddler then this is the helmet you need. 

The Daytona Skull cap is comfortable, slim and light. As a half shell helmet, it feels like you are not wearing anything over your head. The fit capacity and finishing is top-notch. It’s not bulky in looks or heavy on weight. As the smallest helmet ever made, there is nothing that can go wrong with this one. 

Does Daytona Have a Full Face Modular Helmet? 

From half shell to full face modular helmet, Daytona manufactures every single of them. Daytona glide is their full face modular helmet that can satisfy your style craving, nonetheless you are driving a cruiser or a speed master bike. Now you don’t have to sacrifice anything when you have the Daytona Glide Modular Motorcycle Helmet. 

It has chin guard protection for open face rides and retractable visor and pin-lock facility to serve your needs at every condition. We have a separate blog on this beast to explore its usage and features. Click here to read all about the Daytona Glide Full Face Modular Helmet: The best of Both Worlds!!

How many variants of Daytona Helmets are available?

Long story short, Daytona manufactures 1/2 shell, full face, 3/4 shell, modular, skull cap, 3XS size helmet to 4XL size helmet. Daytona even produce top quality carbon fiber modular helmet. Daytona even have helmets for your toddlers. You may have seen the German soldiers wearing a side bended helmets on war film. Daytona produces them too. Their cruiser helmets and cruiser graphics helmet are widely popular throughout the globe. You name a variant and Daytona Have it. 

Which one is the smallest Daytona half helmet?

This is an amazing fact that the smallest Daytona Half Shell Helmet is also the smallest helmet ever made in history. That is the Daytona Skull Cap. Users find this one extremely comfortable, light and stylish for their everyday use. You can use the Daytona Skull Cap half shell helmet while riding a cruiser or a road bike. As, this is the smallest ever helmet made in history, you can also buy it for your toddler to keep him safe at his daily ride. 

What are Daytona helmets made of? 

Daytona helmets are made of high quality polycarbonate plastic. They are extremely durable, lightweight, breathable and comfortable for everyday ride. Daytona even produce high quality carbon fiber helmet. Even the skull cap of Daytona’s are made of carbon fiber helmet. 

If you have made it this far, then I guess now you have a clear idea about all the services of Daytona Brand Helmets. No detail helmet descriptions are given in this blog as I was only drawing a picture of Daytona Brand helmet types and their short descriptions. 

Daytona helmets are well known for their half shell helmets, 3/4 helmet skull cap and full face carbon fiber modular helmets. I find them amusing based on their choices on cruiser graphics helmet. Full on detail will be available in the coming days. Till then, bye. 

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