Top 10 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets of 2022-2023

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Does wind noise bothers you just like me? Especially on long-distance rides. Then the following list of quietest motorcycle helmets will help you to avoid ear fatigue experience while riding. 

A noisy helmet is uncomfortable and distracting while riding. To resolve such issues, you need the Quietest Motorcycle Helmets to have a joyful quiet ride.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a top-quality helmet that creates too much noise. The same goes for a great-looking helmet. The helmet creating a high level of noise is a bad choice nonetheless the great quality or a great look.

Now, hearing damage from high-level wind noise is real. As a result, a quiet helmet is essential to avoid wind noise while protecting your hearing.

The following list contains the noise-canceling types of helmets available in the market:

Quietest Motorcycle Helmet Buying Tips

Riders love to ride for the unconditional feelings of flying down a road in the open air. For such a ride, the only diminishing factor can be a noisy helmet. But what to look for a in a helmet that will ensure the quietest ride for a longer period.

What to look for in a quietest motorcycle helmet

Noise Reduction Technology

The primary feature that sets a quiet motorcycle helmet apart from others is its noise-reduction technology. Look for helmets that incorporate advanced aerodynamics, specialized padding, and soundproofing materials. Brands such as Shoei, Schuberth, and Arai are known for their innovative noise-reduction designs.

Noise Reduction Technology of Different Brands

  • Shoei Helmets: The famous Japanese helmet manufacturer brand Shoei developed Noise reduction technology (NRT). Strategically placed helmet spoilers and vents in combination with aerodynamic design, Shoei has some of the most quietest helmet in the industry. Advanced noise-absorbing materials and precisely engineered shell shapes enables with NRT technology enables riders to enjoy a quieter and more serene journey without sacrificing style or safety.
  • Bell Helmets: Bell has been pioneering the industrial automation industry with progressive safety approach since 1954. With aerodynamic stability, aerospace grade carbon materials and advance pre-preg composite materials provide superior acoustic noise reduction in Bell helmets.
  • Schuberth Helmets: Schuberth has a 100 years of reputation providing head protection solution. Within it’s last 20 years of providing helmet for F1 drivers, also gifted the riders some of the top-notch quietest helmets. Built-in wind tunnel, audio and load test labs with an in-house carbon lab expanded Schuberth’s noise reduction capability in addition to safety, comfort and aerodynamic tuning.
  • Arai Helmets: Arai helmets are well know for their reputation in making super protective helmets. The superior protection level of a helmet plays a great role in reducing noise too. Arai’s superior shell construction will one-piece EPS liner, precisely placed air intake holes, facial contour system and pull down chin spoiler incorporated in an Arai helmet increases its performance to reduce noise during a ride.
    •   Arai Segnet-X with a price range from $840 to $900 available in Amazon, Arai Tour X4 with a price range of $599 available in amazon are the top picks from our side for reduced wind noise and ventilation performance. 

Understanding Helmet’s Noise Level (DB)

To understand a helmet’s performance on the road, usually, a temperature sensor, wind speed measurement device, and a decibel meter are mounted and connected to the helmet interior. This setup works like a combination of a helmet interior noise level at a particular temperature and wind speed. To create a comparison chart, each helmet is tested equally long enough on the road, and then the average decibel score is taken to measure its noise-canceling capability of a helmet

Noise cancelling capability of Helmets with Star Rating

Helmet Type

Helmet types play a crucial role to offer a quiet ride or avoiding high pitch wind noise. Simply a full face motorcycle helmet will provide better noise cancellation than a modular full face helmet. Similarly, both the full face and modular full face helmet will ensure a quieter ride than a open face helmet. So choose you helmet type accordingly to have a quiet ride. 

Fit and Comfort

A helmet’s noise-reduction capabilities can be affected by its fit. A well-fitting helmet creates a tight seal around your head, reducing the entry of wind and noise. Ensure that the helmet snugly fits your head shape and size. Opt for helmets with removable and washable interior padding for long-term comfort.


While adequate ventilation is crucial for rider comfort, excessive vents can increase wind noise. Look for helmets with adjustable venting systems that allow you to control airflow while riding. Some helmets feature noise-reducing baffles that can be added to vents to minimize wind noise.

Helmet Shell Material

The shell material of a helmet plays a role in noise reduction. High-quality materials, such as fiberglass composite or carbon fiber, are not only strong but also aid in noise dampening. Avoid helmets with excessively bulky or irregular shapes, as they can create more turbulence and noise.

Shield Design

The shield (visor) design can impact noise levels. Helmets with well-designed shields that provide a secure seal against the helmet’s shell are more likely to reduce wind noise. Look for helmets with quick-release shields for easy replacement and maintenance.

Wind Deflectors and Chin Curtains

Many helmet models come with wind deflectors and chin curtains. Wind deflectors help guide air around the helmet, reducing noise-causing turbulence. Chin curtains block wind from entering beneath the helmet, further minimizing noise. Some helmets even include removable noise-reducing neck rolls.

Top Quietest Motorcycle Helmet Picks 2022-2023

Based on the noise reduction capability, interior noise level, safety & comfort features and impact absorption quality, following are the list of Top Quietest Motorcycle Helmet, picked by Helmet tips.

  1. Schuberth C5 – Quietest Modular Helmet –$788.99 
  2. Shoei RF 1400 – Quietest Motorcycle Helmet 2023 – $580 
  3. Arai Signet X – Lightweight Quietest Helmet – $719
  4. Schuberth C3 Pro – Low Budget Quietest Modular Helmet – $540 
  5. Arai Tour X4 – Quietest Street Bike Helmet – $599 
  6. Shoei Neotec 2 – Advanced Quietest Modular Helmet – $799 
  7. Schuberth C4 Pro – Special Recommendation – $224 
  8. Bell Race Start Flex DLX – Best Quiet Racing Motorcycle Helmet – $819 
  9. Shoei RF 1200 – Quietest Bike Helmet from Shoei – $670.99 

1. Schuberth C5- Quietest Modular Helmet

Schuberth C5 features a set of amazing benefits that are stated as part of endless evolution by Schuberth. This amazing modular helmet is lighter, safer and quieter with a compact carbon fiber shell design. 

Schuberth C5- Quietest modular motorcycle helmet

Features of Schuberth C5: 

  • Dual chin air intake
  • Back spoiler featuring air exhaust
  • Customizable helmet interior padding
  • P/J and ECE-R 22.06 Homologation
  • Communication port and system supported by SENA
  • Visor memory function to position your visor with the chin bar closed

Why Schuberth C5 is the Quietest Modular Helmet?

The Schuberth modular era started with the first CONCEPT helmet consisting of outstanding aeroacoustics performance. The C5 was rigorously tested for more than 200 hours in the SCHUBERTH property wind tunnel. Resulted in an 85 Db of noise level at 100 km/h speed on a naked bike. On our noise cancellation capability rating, that is a sharp 5-star rated helmet for you. 

2. Shoei RF 1400- Quietest Full Face Helmet

Shoei branded this full face helmet as The Evolution of Perfection. The RF 1400 is the Shoei’s most lightest and most compact SNELL-approved full face helmet model that reduces 6% lift force reduction and 4% drag force reduction compared to the Shoe RF 1200. It’s aerodynamic ability to cut through wind and avoiding wind noise alongside makes it a top pick for the quietest motorcycle helmet list. 

RF 1400 Aerodynamic Structure for quiet ride

Features of Shoei RF 1400: 

  • Advanced noise reduction using optimal shell aerodynamics
  • Airtight window beading provides windproof seal
  • Additional air intake hole with enlarged exhaust outlet
  • Vortex Generator & CWR-F2 shield system for improved visibility
  • Multi-density EPS liner & emergency quick release system
  • Quiet ride experience without blocking wind noise

Why Shoei RF is the Quietest Full Face Bike Helmet?

Each and every features of Shoei RF 1400 plays a part to make it the affordable quietest bike helmet. Starting from the CWR-F2 shield system that has a Vortex generators on the sides of the shield. The vortex generators improve aerodynamic performance and reduce wind noise. 

As the improved ventilation capability reduces wind noise by a great margin. The same thing happened for the Shoei RF 1400. Tested to provide optimal balance between airflow in the helmet and the noise level. Relocated center vent with additional air intake hole and the combination of negative pressure suction improves the noise reduction capability of the RF 1400. 

3. Arai Signet X- Lightweight Quiet Helmet

Weighted only 4.91 lbs with the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material, Arai Signet X is my first pick as a lightweight quietest street motorcycle helmet. This is a new benchmark built for the street with proper comfort, quiet ride, stability and proper ventilation. The Arai Signet X is also SNELL-2020 approved helmet with go-to features. 

Quietest Street Motorcycle Helmet

Features of Arai Signet-X: 

  • DOT, SNELL 2020 approved helmet that meets FMVSS 218 standard
  • Quick release lever for side pod and face shield
  • Clear anti-fog Pinlock insert visor facility
  • QVF & QVR upper ventilation ducts
  • Water repellent ES chin cover
  • Odor resistant liner within a new Peripherally Belted shell design

Why Arai Signet-X is the Quietest Street Motorcycle Helmet?

The QVF & QVR upper ventilation ducts in Arai signet X provides top notch ventilation performance reducing the wind noise within the helmet. On the other hand, the shape of signet x is different than the other helmet available in the market. With a reduced width and long oval head shape of this helmet improves aerodynamic performance reducing the wind noise during a ride. 

Lastly, the chin cover installed on the Arai Signet X cover smooths airflow, increases exhaust from the mouth area and reduces wind noise coming from the below providing quietest riding experience.  

4. Bell Qualifier Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This is one of the most reliable, protective, stylish and lightweight helmet available in the market. Comes with a wide list of perks that can enrich your riding experience with proper comfort and safety. With 3 shell sizes with quick drying interior padding, The Bell Qualifier Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is the most comfortable and snugged fit helmet I have ever worn. 

Quietest Street Motorcycle Helmet

Features of Bell Qualifier Full Face: 

  • Quick release shield, operable without any tool
  • Padded wind collar
  • Velocity flow ventilation system
  • Integrated speaker pockets
  • Removable & washable liner
  • Comes with 3 different face shield 
  • Highly adjustable visor
  • DOT approved of course

Why Bell Qualifier Full Face is the ultimate Quietest Motorcycle Helmet that you need?

The aerodynamic design, loads of padding and highly adjustable visor system of Bell Qualifier Full Face helmet makes it a great companion for quietest rides. But, this is the ultimate full face helmet that covers you with 360 degree benefits. 

Amazingly stylish with 12 different color combination, you can ride with Bell Qualifier for any type of ride during any time of the day. As it comes with 3 different visor within the package. Even the visor or face shield supports tool free operation, enabling click release, fast and easy replacement.  

Furthermore the ventilation system is superb in the Bell Qualifier Full Face. Though it has built-in speaker pockets but the velocity flow ventilation system keeps most of the noise out of the helmet interior. Ensuring Quietest Riding Experience for every rider.  

4. Shoei GT AIR 2

An all-season usable full-face stylish tourist motorcycle helmet that meets rigorous safety standards. With advanced technologies like multi-ply Matrix AIM shell construction and a dual-density EPS liner, Shoei GT Air 2 successfully replaces its predecessor Shoei GT Air. Its aerodynamic design, strategically placed adjustable intake and exhaust vents with customizable cheek pads makes it a top pick for the Quietest Motorcycle Helmet List. 

Quietest Motorcycle Helmet with Communication Device

Features of Shoei GT Air 2: 

  • Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell and Multi-Piece/Multi-Density EPS liner
  • Drop-down internal sun shield
  • Fully removable moisture-wicking cheek pads
  • Distortion-free CJ-2 Pinlock EVO fog-resistant shield 
  • Seamless integration with the SENA SRL2 Communication System
  • 3-intake & 5-exhaust vents
  • Airtight window beading

Why Shoei GT Air 2 is a Quietest Tourist Helmet?

Suitable for a wide range of riding conditions, Shoei designed the GT Air 2 to contribute with an aesthetically appealing design that reduces wind noise on open roads. The GT Air 2 features a 3D Max-Dry interior system that supports customizable cheek pads, even though it has a built-in communication device port.  

Strategically placed 3 intake air holes and 5 exhaust ports with aerodynamic design make the interior reduce overall noise. Progressive designs in combination with internal sun shields and airtight window beading reduce additional noise under any condition. No wonder this is a top-reviewed quietest motorcycle helmet on Amazon!!

Special Quietest Motorcycle Helmet Recommendation

Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Features of Schuberth C3: 

  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Precise and Safe Micro-Ratchet Lock
  • Acoustic wind deflator
  • Perfect ventilation system
  • Proper Fit
  • Schuberth SRC communication system
  • DOT approved

Why Schuberth C3 Pro is the Quietest Motorcycle Helmet?

Improved aerodynamic design makes it the quietest motorcycle helmets on the market. Snug-fitting neck roll positions the head. Acoustic dampening with perfect ventilation at this price range is rare.

Schuberth C3 is perfectly built with a quiet interior. Moreover, it is totally a suitable choice for your safe and quiet ride.

Quietest Aerodynamic Design 

The Schuberth C3 PRO is the first-ever flip-up helmet to be a good choice for the sports rider. The integrated acoustic collar ensures The Schuberth C3 PRO is a proper noise-canceling motorcycle helmet. In addition to that, the aerodynamic design prevents upward lift while riding.

Tests under the Schuberth wind tunnel and the anti-noise technology limit the noise level to 82db (A) at 100km/h. Such a number is an indication of the quietest motorcycle helmet.

Special glass fiber reinforced outer shell with EPS inner shell allows optimal shock absorption during a collision. In addition to that, Anti Roll Off System (A.R.O.S) technology prevents the helmet from pivoting off from behind during a ride.

Precise and Safe Micro-Ratchet Lock

Improved aerodynamic design makes it the quietest helmet on the market. Snug-fitting neck roll positions the head. Acoustic dampening with perfect ventilation at this price range is rare. Schuberth C3 is perfectly built with a quiet interior. Moreover, it is totally a suitable choice for your safe and quiet ride.

Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Features of Arai Tour X4:

  • Complex Fiber Laminate outer shell
  • Dual intake airflow
  • Front and Rear ventilation
  • The aerodynamic pull-down chin spoiler
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • Emergency release system
  • ECE 22-05 approved

Arai X4 is a full-face helmet with a wide view angle that ensures proper noise reduction at high speed. It is suitable for people who like off-roading, or casual rides with a wide field of view. Great built quality is the main feature of the Arai Tour X4. The noise reduction capacity ranked itself higher than on the market as the quietest motorcycle helmet.

Outer Shell Construction

Complex fiber laminate employment by Arai maintains a high fiber to low resin ratio. Such special fiber layers provide high strength. The structural integrity and impact flexibility deflect impact energy during a collision.

Why Arai Tour X4 is the quietest motorcycle helmet?

The Arai X4 has a dual intake ventilation system to increase the airflow into the interior. This lowers the noise level. the Arai X4 has an aerodynamic pull-down chin spoiler.

The aerodynamic chin spoiler reduces wind noise by deflecting wind at high speed. Along with that the side exhaust and rear ventilation maintain proper airflow.

The Arai Tour X4 visor and Safety Features

An orange strap integrated into the Tour X4 pads makes the cheek pads slide out for safety reasons. Along with the Emergency release system, this quietest helmet has a washable interior. A Double-D ring device avoids corrosion problems in long-term use.

The Arai Tour X4 visor has a Pinlock insert lens. It prevents fogging even under extreme wet and damp conditions.

the Arai Tour X4 is pretty quiet as a full-face helmet depending on the overall built quality. The interior padding and aerodynamic structure help to reduce wind noise.

3. Shoei Neotec 2 

Quietest Shoei Helmet

Features of Shoei Neotec 2: 

  •  Two in one modular design
  • Aerodynamic structure
  • Vortex Generator to reduce noise
  • Optimal air ventilation
  • Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell and Multi-Piece EPS liner
  • Noise Isolator
  • Perfect fit

Shoei Neotec 2 

View on Amazon


A great deal of tech improvements has made the Shoei Neotec 2 a lightweight flip-up helmet. Fiberglass construction, organic fibers with heat setting polyester resin ensures durability. Such laminated layers resulted in a durable structure. As a result, this is the lightweight quietest motorcycle helmet design for any type of ride.

Besides being a quiet flip-up motorcycle helmet, Neotec 2 has several safety features. Firstly, the Interior sun shield protects you from ultraviolet sun rays. Secondly, the Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system avoids fogging in the visor shield. Additionally, the all-new SENA SRL communication system is a plus to choose this one.

Ventilation Performance and Noise Cancellation 

The flip-up modular Neotec 2 has an innovative top air outlet design. To maintain proper air ventilation, expanded 3-position upper air intake enough cool air. Moreover, the exhaust outlets flank increases the rate of the hot-air clearing.

Large upper and lower vent shutters ensure a great ventilation system. Furthermore, the comfortable interior with Micro Ratchet chin strap allows easily adjustable closure and opening.

Aerodynamic Design and Quietness

A perfect aerodynamic design reduces unwanted wind noise in various riding positions. The noise isolator cheek pads also serve this purpose to deflect wind and reduce noise. Enhanced snell shape and Vortex Generator lip reduce extra noise. Noise cancellation into the interior while managing proper airflow is a great improvement.

Improved aerodynamic chin bar

The improved aerodynamics chin bar deflects wind during speedy rides. The wind tunnel test ensures the performance of a noise-canceling motorcycle helmet. Additionally, the internal sun shield and airtight window play their role to ensure a waterproof seal.

Safety & Comfort Features of Shoei Neotec 2 as a Quietest Helmet

The Shoei Neotec 2 has fulfilled the criteria of safety and comfort as an everyday choice for the rider. Alongside, the noise cancellation capability as a modular helmet is just amazing. As a flip-up versatile two-in-one design, it is a great companion as a quietest modular motorcycle helmet.

Schuberth C3 Pros and Cons

Schuberth C4 PRO Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Features of Schuberth C4 Pro:

  •  Aerodynamic Design
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Proper Ventilation System
  • Built-in communication system
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Noise Cancelling mechanical attachments



Schuberth C4 Pro is another flip-up helmet that reduces the noise inside and ensures a safe ride. Precise cuts of fiberglass and injected resin ensure low strength to weight ratio. The Schuberth C4 Pro is the most demanding helmet for tourers and racers. The modified interior fittings and cutting-edge technologies have made this helmet suitable for them.


Schuberth C4 Pro as a Quietest motorcycle helmet

The compact shape and the aerodynamic design ensure a low noise level no matter what the speed. As a flip-up helmet, Schuberth C4 Pro has optimized neck padding. Mechanical attachments around the neck padding reduce noise properly. The C4 Pro has been tested to achieve 85db(A) at 100km/h on a naked motorcycle, which makes it suitable for a quieter ride.

Ventilation Performance

Multi-channel ventilation maintains proper air circulation throughout the Schuberth C4 Pro. Additionally, the Jazzlight lining ensures a secure and comfortable fit for the helmet. Seamless head padding and quick-drying anti-bacterial fabrics are easy to clean.

The multi-channel ventilation, the Schuberth C4 Pro has great noise cancellation capability. That is the reason behind listing it on the quietest motorcycle helmets list.


Schuberth C4 Pros and Cons

5. Bell Race Star Flex DLX

Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Features of Bell Race Star Flex DLX: 

  • Carbon fiber shell construction
  • Multi-Liner EPS
  • Optical class 1 panovision visor
  • Flex energy management system for improved airflow
  • Wide field of view
  • Fog resistant


Bell Race Star Flex DLX

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A 3k carbon fiber shell packed with cutting-edge technology delivers premium performance with Bell Race Star Flex DLX. Triple density cheek pads with added comfort lining block wind noise. Bell Race Star Flex DLX is a great noise-canceling motorcycle helmet for a quiet ride even on the city road.

Safety Features

The flex itself in Bell star stands for optimal safety in every aspect. Five outer shell sizes are available in the market. Bell’s Profit system improves the fitting capability.

The proprietary Flex liner of Bell ensures comprehensive protection. The Magnefusion cheek pad enables an emergency release system. In addition to that, the optical class 1 panovision visor allows a wide field of view.

The Magnefusion cheek pads are easy to clean. Easy removal of the pads for cleaning and emergency release avoids extra hassle. Quick-drying liner materials prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. In addition to that, the interior of the Flex DLX has plenty of space for speaker pockets and airflow.

What makes this one a quiet motorcycle helmet?

Several tests under harsh wind tunnels proved it as a quiet motorcycle helmet. The aerodynamic structure ensures extra wind dodging. Equally, the narrow neck roll and snug-fitting inner cheek pads enhance the noise cancellation.

Bell Star Flex DLX is a safe helmet with proper comfort features. The structural design and multi-directional impact protection system ensure durability. Surprisingly, the 103 DB(A) during the road test is a remarkable result for a quiet full-face helmet. It’s surely one of the best as the quietest helmet.

6. Shoei RF-1200

Features of Shoei RF-1200:

  • Wind-tunnel optimization
  • Improved ventilation capability
  • CWR-1 shield
  • Wind and waterproof seal
  • Fog-resistant
  • Emergency release system
  • Multi-Density EPS liner
  • Multi-layer cheek pads

Shoei RF-1200

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Shoei RF-1200 is a premium full-face helmet. It is compact, lighter, and reduces wind noise to ensure a quiet ride. Like many of the RF predecessors, Shoei RF-1200 is full of cutting-edge technology. Besides a quiet motorcycle helmet, it has amazing additional features.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Incredible ventilation performance
  2. Wider view.
  3. Multi-Density EPS liner.
  4. The noise cancellation capability during a ride.


Outer Shell Construction

The SHOEI-RF 1200 has an aerodynamic design composed of linear components. Such optimal shell aerodynamic design deflects wind during a ride. As a result, it provides you lesser noise than other helmets.

Additionally, the improved outer shell is tested rigorously under wind tunnel conditions. Furthermore, the wind tunnel optimized adjustment maintains a proper balance between airflow and silence.

Ventilation Performance

Shoei RF-1200 has a brilliant ventilation capability even after ensuring a quieter ride. Large 3-position lower vents and three upper air vents maintain optimal air intake. In any case, the four uniquely positioned upper exhaust vents ensure a cool interior.

The dual-layer multi-liner protects the outer shell from hard collision. the Max-Dry System II helps to dissipate sweat for a cool interior. Washable and removable multi-layer cheek pads provide improved comfort and easy maintenance.

Safety Features and Visor

This quiet helmet has a quick and smooth shield change capable system. SHOEI’s spring-loaded technology ensures wind and waterproof seal. The QR-E Baseplate system facilitates such features into this quiet helmet.

Accordingly, Shoei’s Pinlock EVO fog-resistance and CWR-1 shield protect you from ultraviolet rays. Additionally, the emergency release system ensures extra safety removal of the helmet.


 Why Shoei RF-1200 is a quiet motorcycle helmet?

Shoei RF-1200 is a great choice considering its noise cancellation capability. The enhanced capability of ventilation and noise level is well tested. Meanwhile, a windproof spring-enabled visor blocks additional wind noise in the interior.

The multilayer cheek pads block wind noises to make it a quiet motorcycle helmet. Overall the SHOEI RF-1200 is a trustworthy full-face helmet for your quiet rides.



We have enlisted only a few of the quietest helmets in our review section. Certainly, my advice to buy a quiet helmet is to look for a perfect fit. That solves the wind noise problem in most cases. Moreover, the perfect fit will ensure you a quiet helmet.

Remember that safety features should always come first. Have a quiet ride with your next precious quietest motorcycle helmets.

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