10 Essential Helmet Care Tips for Parents

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Shells that protect your head are worth taking care of. Experts don’t recommend using a helmet twice after experiencing a crash or dent on the helmet.  But theres more, and we are here to guide you with the most essential helmet care tips for your everyday safe ride.

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6 Must Maintain Helmet Safety Tips for Children:

  • Fit your helmet perfectly
  • Do not wear a helmet that has experienced a crash before
  • Make sure the helmet is perfectly balanced on your head 
  • Helmets should not be balanced too high or low on your head.
  • Make sure the helmet is not tilted forward or backward
  • Try to fix the comfort tightening level 
  • Buckle up the helmet perfectly so that helmet does not move freely over your head
Helmet Care Tips for proper safety
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Helmet Care Tips For Parents

Helmet Care Tips for Parents

Children are so excited to ride bikes nonetheless the weather, road type, or time. They are so happy to ride with another bunch of kids, and we parents never tire of watching them smiling. 

But the happiness of our children riding a bike comes with a risk of scratches on the body and often a broken bone. The most important of all is not to let them get their brain affected by a silly accident, and that’s why we have to take proper care of their road bike helmet.

6 Must Maintain Helmet Care Tips for Parents: 

  • As always, ensure the helmet fits on your child’s head. Often parents face trouble finding the smallest size of any helmet for their toddlers. But they are available. To find the smallest toddler’s road bike helmet, you can read our toddler bike helmet reviews. 
  • Be an idol to your child. Always wear a helmet by yourself, and he or she will adapt it by themselves. 
  • Make sure you have checked the chinstrap carefully. Children often need clarification about the tightening mechanism of bike helmet chinstrap. 
  • Keep your toddler’s helmet clean and dry. A sweaty and dirty helmet may cause screen rashes to your toddler’s head, and he might get unenthusiastic about wearing it next time. 
  • Teach your kids to pick up the helmet from a fixed spot and grow in this manner to place it back every time. This will make his bike riding routine more organized. 
  • Discuss the helmet’s safety mechanism with your kids and try to grow a keen interest in his mind. Things that we don’t understand are things we dont care about. The same rule applies to our toddlers.

Proper Helmet Fitting Tips for your toddler: 

Simple 3 steps can enrich your bike helmet fitting strategy on your head. 

  • Step 1: When you have already placed the helmet over your head, make sure the helmet does not move freely but only moves easily when you are pushing it sideways or in an up-front direction. This time, make sure you can watch and get a view of the helmet front, looking to the front. 
  • Step 2: Your helmet should create a V-shape around your ears, and the chinstrap should touch your chin in all conditions. Not too firm and not too tight. 
  • Step 3: Try to open up your mouth with the chinstrap attached. If that does not create any problem, like if that’s hurting, then you have tightened your chinstrap too tightly, and if that does not take any force at all, then the chinstrap is way too loose. 
Helmet Care Tips for perfect fit
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Our suggestions to increase your interest in road safety end here today. There are plenty of other guidelines to properly take care of your motorcycle helmet or road bike helmet but hope we could help. Will be back with another set of helmet care tips and guidelines in the coming week. Put your comment below to let us know about your suggestions. Ta-da. 

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