Top 12 Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet In 2022

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Riding a motorcycle is fun while there is no traffic, but it becomes bumpier and dangerous with heavy traffic. Whether in a city or on highways, a rider must put on a helmet to protect him against cautioned events. For safety concerns, a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is the best option as they are lighter and more durable.

Statistics show that 70% of head injuries can be avoided using Helmets. While most helmets may seem a bit heavier, carbon fiber helmets come to the rescue.  If you are looking for the best carbon fiber helmet, then the enlisted helmets will satisfy you with proper safety and comfort features.

Top Carbon Fiber Helmets On Amazon

Anyone who rides a motorcycle needs a helmet for protection and safety purposes. A preferable design of a helmet lets you express the real you while riding. Quality is the best feature that one should seek to buy a helmet.

1. Shark S-Drak Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet


  • Perfect slim fit and ultra-lightweight material
  • 100% carbon fiber shell
  • 2 shell sizes (SM-MD and LG-XL)
  • Sharktooth Communication system
  • Retro Design with gunmetal finished side panels
  • Removable and washable cheek pads

100% carbon fiber shell materialized, Shark S-Drak Helmet swaps an internal, flip-up visor for the attached goggles. Redesigned face mask ensures improved air ventilation and a perforated leather-like neck pad provides proper comfort while riding. DOT approval complies with the safety test standards of the U.S department of transportation.

Outer Shell Construction

This retro look carbon fiber motorcycle helmet has an outer shell of multiaxial fiberglass. Multiaxial fiberglass aligned layer of unidirectional glass fiber, which makes it a lighter full-face helmet. Alongside, 2 different shell sizes with a black finish ensure an optimal proportional fit.

The black finish on top gives a cool vibe to it. It’s a perfect use of carbon fiber lining.

Ventilation Performance

The S-Drak Carbon helmet has little air gaps in the face mask to intake air while riding. Removing the face mask allows one to use it as an open face helmet. In open face mode, one can easily get more airflow. The ventilation holes are perfectly covered up by a fine mesh to avoid debris.

Shield and Mask

Easily removable drop-down Shark S-Drak tinted visor is really cool to operate. It also comes with a quick visor release system. Though the visor is not pinned lock prepared, the anti-fog coating and anti-scratch protection ensure its quality.

The mask that makes it look like a full face helmet is also removable through two pushed buttons on each side. The face mask doesn’t protect your jaw or chin that much but it has a good ventilation capability. To switch to the open-face mode, you just have to pull out the mask. In open face mode, it really has an outstanding field of view.

Comfort and Protection

A good interior finishing makes it a comfortable choice for a summer ride. The high-end suede lining fabric is really comfortable for long hours. The S-Drak also features an Easy-fit system and Bluetooth speaker installation capability. The Sharktooth Prime intercom system is another add ons for this one.

The carbon fiber outer shell is capable of dodging any instant collision. A helmet of 1330 gm weight makes it a lightweight carbon fiber motorcycle helmet.

Features of Shark S-Drak Carbon fiber motorcycle helmet

Drawbacks of Shark S-Drak Carbon helmet

  • Noisy
  • A bit weird in Shape

2. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular: A Glossy carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Modular Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Features :

  • Dual lens technology
  • UV protective glossy outlook
  • Vibrant color combinations
  • Removable cushion

The different vibrant color combinations on the carbon fiber plate will surely attract you to this advanced and uniquely designed helmet. A glossy UV protection with a comfortable interior is a suitable choice for anyone to wear at all times.

Outer Shell Construction

Shell made of carbon fiber and aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy results in impressive durability, collision resistance, and super lightweight. The thermoplastic alloy shell ensures protection while the carbon fiber construction makes it lighter.


Dual lens technology implementation enabled ultimate versatility for the biker. The advanced modular/flip-up design comes with an inner smoked lens and outer clear shield.

Comfortable Interior

The removable interior cushion allows you to customize your helmet based on your preference. It is easier to wash or clean during maintenance due to the removable cheek pads. Comparably loud on the inside than other helmets is the only drawback of this carbon fiber motorcycle helmet. There are other available quietest helmets available in the market in this price range.

Drawbacks of 1 storm modular:

  • A bit louder

3. Conquer Snell SA2015 


  • SNELL SA2015 certified
  • Anti-fogging
  • Customizable interior cheek pads
  • Anti-scratch fireproof shield
  • Lightweight Design


While the limitation of color variant is the drawback, the Conquer racing helmet is best for its lightweight design. This helmet comes in varieties of sizes, but the color combination is limited to black or silver design.

Lightweight Design 

Lightweight design and carbon fiber composite shell ensure durability and collision resistance of Conquer Snell SA2015. The super-lightweight material of the helmet makes it a perfect choice for long trips. This lightweight piece is a Snell SA2015 approved open-face racing helmet.

Shield and Ventilation 

A durable shield with tear-off posts does not reveal any signs of tears and wear. Proper venting ports to enable the best airflow system with anti-fogging. The anti-scratch shield is fire resistant, and that is the best feature of this helmet.

Customizable interior cheek pads formation allows changing the fitting capability while sharing with others. Fire retardant padded interior ensures the ultimate safety while riding.

4. Simpson M30 Bandit: A BadAss Carbon Fiber Helmet

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet
  • Super lightweight
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Washable cheek pads
  • Collision resistant

Perfectly round-shaped opaque matte material makes the Simpson M30 best for its sleek design. Lightweight construction and a variety of sizes have made it a preferable choice for riders of different ages.

Lightweight Design

Simpson M30 weighs 2.5 pounds with a super light-weight carbon fiber shell that allows a pleasant frequent journey for hours. A tight fit angle ensures proper comfort regardless of the terrain.

Easy to clean

To enable easier maintenance, it has removable cheek pads. Interior materials Soka sweat continuously to enable a comfortable ride. But that requires a regular washing of the interior cheek pads.

DOT Approval 

This badass carbon fiber helmet also comes with proper shock-absorbing technology which makes it suitable for off-road riding. Certification of the Department of Transportation ensures the safety standard of this helmet.

Features of Simpson M30 Bandit:

The drawback of Simpson M30 Bandit

  • Only Black Variant

5. KLIM TK1200 LG Skyline: A Modular Carbon FIber Motorcycle Helmet 

Carbon Fiber full face Helmet


  • Anti-scratch shield
  • Pinlock ready system
  • Micrometric buckle system
  • Breakaway Chin Bar
  • Tight fit


Klim is famous for its innovative editions and the TK 1200 Skyline is one of the most versatile and comfortable models on the market. The TK1200 carbon modular helmet is available in different colors and the anti-scratch shield steals the show from others.

Shield and Ventilation

The Klim TK1200 LG Skyline is pretty smooth to handle lighting conditions.  Optically superior shield system enabled transition lens that reacts instantly in all lighting conditions. Aeroacoustic technology allows fresh and comfortable performance all the time.

Lightweight Design 

Approximately 5 pounds of weight that perfectly sets on your head ensures proper comfort while riding. Full carbon fiber structure provides ultimate safety and durability to ensure a clear road ahead.

Safety Features

To provide tight-fitting this helmet comes with an emergency releasable micrometric buckle. Proprietary break-away chin bars reduce the force impact on the head and neck during a collision. On the other hand, the premium polycarbonate anti-scratch shield combined with a pin-lock-ready system allows a safe journey ahead.


  • Poor air ventilation

6. Voss Helmets-888 CF

  • Comfortable fit
  • Swappable Visors
  • Tool-free removable visor
  • Super lightweight

This model is one of the most popular helmets among the available Voss helmets in the market. The Voss 888CF bullet cruiser is certified by the Department of Transportation for its impact resistance capability and durability. As a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, it is lighter and comfortable.

Lightweight Design

The 1.9 lbs of overall weight with carbon fiber composite shell on top is a perfect partner for your casual or daily rides. Despite the tight-fitting, its lightweight and comfortable interior will give you a clear road ahead with proper safety.

Optimal Fitting 

Quick-release micro metal fast ratchet connected to a nylon-woven chin strap allows a comfortable fit. Kool Komfort’s removable microfiber interior is easy to clean and allows you to maintain it properly.

You may find the strap a bit trickier to use perfectly, but the removable sun visor will surely catch your eyes. A tools-free removable visor with an extra lens is a fashionable representation of Voss.

7. Mars- Modular Flip-up

full face carbon fiber helmet
  • Heavily cushioned interior
  • Superior ventilation system
  • Attractive Design

The Mars- Modular flip-up helmet is manufactured by Power Gear Motorsports. The bulky looks of the Mars helmets contain 3.5 pounds of weight which are not considered as a heavy one depending on the other factors associated with the Mars carbon fiber modular motorcycle helmet.

Outer Shell Construction 

The helmet shell is made up of carbon fiber composite which makes it strong and durable compared to fiberglass or ABS. The advanced flip-up design is easy to use regardless of the weather condition.

Ventilation Performance

Multiple ventilation channels as 3-level top ventilation and 5-position ventilation system maintain the airflow properly. In addition to that, the helmet has an aerodynamic venturi-effect exhaust spoiler at the back.

Easy Maintenance

Washable interior padding and straps are extra easier to clean. The beautiful glossy UV protective finish with the flip-up design makes it an attractive choice. It’s also DOT-approved for safety and durability.

8. Outlaw T71: A simple Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet


Outlaw T71 is an open-face helmet that weighs only 2 pounds. It is extra lightweight and super easy to wear all the time. The carbon fiber composite weave shell ensures a better fit and more comfort than other similar helmets.

High Impact Absorption

Moreover, the outlaw T71 glossy carbon fiber open-face helmet has a high impact absorption quality. The 3-snap buckle and a removable visor make it a versatile choice among bikers. A variety of sizes are available to choose your perfect size.

Simple and Lighter

Though there is confusion about it being not strong enough or durable for long use. However, the open face category requires fewer materials to construct, resulting in a lightweight situation. It has a glossy 100% carbon fiber composite weave shell and it ensures a better fit.

9. YEMA Helmet YM-628: A badass Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet 


  • Attached Visor
  • Fabulous Ventilation
  • Tight Fitting

YEMA YM-628 is a professional piece of helmet manufactured by Lanxi Yema Motorcycle Fittings. The certification from the Department of Transportation measured by the FMV218 standard ensures its durability. Considering the overall weight of 2 pounds makes it a super lightweight carbon fiber motorcycle helmet.

Safety Features

The ABS technology and multi-density EPS allows a comfortable and proper fit around your neck. In addition to that, the chin strap and double D-ring buckle add another layer of security for the riders. A retractable inner sun shield helps the rider to avoid direct sunlight.

Ventilation Performance

Adjustable intake and exhaust vents ensure proper airflow, which allows a comfortable ride for the riders. The interior of the helmet is well-cushioned, and the removable pads are easy to wash and clean. Removable cheek pads are helpful to keep your helmet clean, especially if you are using them often.


  • Sizes often turn small

10. Daytona Skull Cap

carbon fiber motorcycle half helmet
  • Easy to wear
  • Moisture-wicking interior framing
  • Lightweight

Daytona skull is an open-face helmet that comes in many sizes to choose from. It offers proper safety, durability, and support. The design is simple, lightweight, and easy to use.

Skull cap headshell is made of carbon fiber which ensures durability and collision resistance. The interior frame features moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps the rider comfortable and cool.

Single finger detachable quick-release lock is an exceptional improvement in case of emergency. Perfectly shaped 2 pounds of weight with proper cushioning makes it comfortable to wear for hours.


  • No face protection
  • Sizes run Small than the standard measurement

Special Recommendation

11. LS2 Helmets - CR-2 CT-1

Full Face Carbon Fiber Helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable interior
  • Airbag system

A full-face helmet with a built-in airbag system is a unique item in the market. Compared to the other models available in the market, this 2.98lbs helmet represents an innovative design for ATV, UTV, Cruisers, and street bikes.


In terms of the certifications, this is an enriched model manufactured by LS2. DOT approval by the Department of Transportation and European ECE approval ensures its durability and impact resistance. On top of that, customizable interior pads are just perfect to achieve a perfect fitting based on the shape of your face.

A quick-release buckle allows you to put it on and off easily. The buckle also provides a perfect fit around your neck.


  • Only black variant

12. Bell Custom 500: A lightweight Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets - CR-2 CT-1 Carbon Fiber Helmet
  • Comfortable and tight fit
  • Anti-bacterial interior
  • Lightweight carbon composite

Bell manufactured helmet models are famous in the market for their impressive models. The Custom 500 open-face helmet is one of the lightest models available in the market.

Outer Shell Construction 

The lightweight carbon composite in the outer shell creates an impressive classic look with a glossy finish. In addition to that, anti-bacterial genuine leather provides a comfortable fit on your head.

Perfect Fit

To ensure a tight fit, Bell custom 500 features a leather D-ring pull tab and a rear goggle strap. The multi-density EPS liner and a padded chin strap along with a strap keeper fit perfectly. Regardless of the size you choose, the padded and lined interior of this carbon fiber helmet will ensure a comfortable fit.

DOT Approval

Bell custom 500 is DOT approved that meets the FMVSS 218 standard for its overall performance and durability.

Features of Bell Custom 500


  • Not customizable for speakers
  • No face shield

Note: Bell Race Star Flex DLX Cousteau Flag is another perfect carbon fiber motorcycle helmet for a quiet ride.

Buying Guide

Durability, protection, and collision resistance define a great helmet. As an essential piece of your bike element, you need to find the proper helmet of different sizes, shapes, or materials to choose from. And the best quality and durability are well ensured with a Carbon Fiber motorcycle helmet.


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