7 best tricks to Soundproof your Motorcycle Helmet

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It is true that you can only soundproof motorcycle helmet up to a limit but it is essential to make a helmet soundproof for a noise-free ride. The long-term ride under noisy conditions can hamper your hearing capability and eventually could cause permanent hearing damage to your ear.

To have a peaceful ride, modern helmets have made it a much more comfortable interior through proper padding but you can always soundproof your helmet to an extended level by adopting a few tricks.

      • Tricks to soundproof your helmet.
      • Use quiet ride ear muffs to reduce noise impact.
      • Block the wind noise pathway underneath the helmet using a scarf. 
      • Perfect fits easily block half the noise within itself.
      • Keep your visor closed while riding.
      • Use earplugs as a simple and effective solution.
      • Block earholes with foam.

For a clearer understanding, the most practical methods are included in the following part to make your helmet soundproof.

Using Quiet-ride ear muffs to reduce the extra noise

Helmets are designed to protect your skull and face from unwanted accidents although the most beautiful pieces are designed in every possible way to offer a peaceful ride. The best part of the quietest helmet is to offer the riders a less noisy ride and riders can achieve it by using ear muffs. Earmuffs are useful during cold weather as the winds pass by it will keep your ears warm and protect you from a sheer level of noise.  

Blocking helmet underneath using a scarf

There’s always a bit of space underneath a usual helmet that enables a pathway for the wind to pass on and create an extra level of noise to annoy riders. I often use a scarf around my neck to block that pathway. Now, there’s a problem associated with this solution is that you may not want to feel an extra level of heat, so use a scarf while you feel comfortable. Considering the other suitable options to soundproof a motorcycle helmet, a scarf is a viable solution to offer you a noise-free ride. 

Using a perfectly fitted helmet to soundproof the helmet

Size may not matter in every case but in terms of having a peaceful and noise-free ride, it is a humble request to you all to choose a perfectly fitted helmet. Why is it so important to choose your helmet size perfectly? Because, it will keep you safe if you are involved in a crash and the better fit you have, the less noise will be generated inside. 

To choose a perfectly fitted helmet, measure your head properly and visit a motorcycle helmet shop to try them on and you will know your perfect size to get satisfied. 

Keeping Visor Closed during a fast-ride


Now, this is a trick worth mentioning because keeping your visor open lets a huge amount of airflow without any interruption. But if it’s closed, your helmet will be capable of reducing noise significantly. Additionally, make sure to seal the visor the other way around or you will face a loud ride from the turbulence section. Remember, all you do is to keep yourself aware of the danger while avoiding an unsafe riding experience. 

To offer you all a soundproof ride, I have included 3 of the best quietest helmet in the following section. I have only included their pros and cons for a better comparison and to learn more, read our full buying guide.  

Schuberth C3 Pro modular Helmet as a Soundproof Helmet

This one has a reputation of being the roll’s Royce of motorcycle helmets. The primary concern of Schuberth C3 pro is to provide proper safety and comfort to the riders.  It has a great reputation for being one of the best quietest motorcycle helmets read the pros and cons carefully to understand whether it is a perfectly matched for you or not.


  • Only 82 decibels of sound level on a 62mph of speed. 
  • Aerodynamic structure to slip off the noise around it.
  • Additional wind deflector.
  • Great Ventilation.


  • Price is a bit high.
  • Maybe you will face a ventilation pad falling. off but that would take time over a year or two.
  • Launched in 2014, so a bit old fashioned.
  • Not convinced with the peak on it. 

Schuberth C4 Pro as a Soundproof motorcycle Helmet

Another great individual designed by Schuberth reduces the noise inside and ensures a safe ride. Fiberglass cuts and injected resin have ensured a proper strength-to-weight ratio that made the Schuberth C4 pro one of the best choices for a noise-free ride. Designed for racers and modified for comfort made it possible to list this one as our favorite pick. 


  • Aerodynamic Design.
  • Proper Ventilation system.
  • Built-in SC1 communication system.
  • High noise-cancellation capability.
  • Best build quality.



  •  Intermediate oval shape.
  • With open vent conditions this might not block enough noise.
  • High price.
  • Limited range of graphics.


Soundproofing motorcycle helmet comes at a price and it has additional flexibilities too. One can choose the limit of soundproofing a motorcycle helmet depending the weather condition, riding style and mostly the helmet condition. Either you can pay some extra money for padding, or earmuffs or even a scarf or you can buy a quietest motorcycle helmet for a soundproof ride. The choice is yours. 

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