Bell SRT Modular Helmet: A Budget-Friendly Two-in-One Design

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If you are a fan of lightweight motorcycle helmets and also looking for a riding companion with modular helmet features then you might want to check out the bell SRT modular helmet. A classic finish with versatile colors is available for this optically correct flat helmet. This is a perfect two-in-one design for the tourer.

Bell has been doing this peculiar but amazing job by making the same model of helmet for two different categories. First, they have started with the Bell Revolver which is a full-face helmet, and then they brought the Revolver Evo with modular helmet features. They did the same thing with the SRT version.

Not all the helmets have the sporty or race look in such a great price range. Compared to the other brands with similar features, you can get the Bell SRT Modular helmet at almost half the price. The availability of two different sizes and multiple color variations makes it an attractive choice.

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Let’s have a look at the difference between the SRT Modular helmet and the Bell SRT Full-Face helmet:

Safe and Durable Outer Shell Construction

The bell SRT modular has lightweight fiberglass composite shell construction. Now such compositions of fiberglass provide superior strength, durability, and lightweight feature. The outer shell construction of the Bell SRT modular helmet makes it corrosion resistant and provides great impact absorption capability. In comparison to polycarbonate shells, the fiberglass composition is more durable and safer and it seemed just perfect for the modular pieces.

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Additional Safety features

The Bell SRT modular helmet has a large panovision shield that ensures a wider field of view which is an important factor to have a safe ride. Additionally, the noise cancelation capability of this one is balanced. Modular helmets are not great at noise canceling but we don’t usually see these kinds of wind noise dodging helmets in this price range either. The drop-down sun visor is just another add-ons to avoid ultraviolet rays from the sun. In such a case, Bell Race Star Flex DLX is a suitable quiet helmet.


Ventilation Performance 

This sporty modular helmet has a good ventilation capability. While using the chin bar in the upper position, there is plenty of space to intake air. Even with the chin-bar down, the upper intake vents and the chin vents will continue to do their job. Both of these two main vents are allocated with open and closing positions. The main purpose of the chin vent is to defog while the upper vents intake cool air during the ride.


Sporty Performance

The Bell SRT modular has a sporty-er look and design and such aerodynamic design is great in the upright riding position. The side look of the helmet represents the aerodynamic design perfectly. Additionally on the back, two perfectly placed exhaust vents suck out the warm moist air to keep the interior cool.  From my perspective, the crown vent on the top is placed in a backward position so that might reduce the ventilation capability a bit. Overall, it has an adequate ventilation capability.

Bell SRT Modular Street Helmet

Bell Helmet Cheek Pad

Optically Correct Class one Shield

Bell SRT modular is great in this category. The optically correct class one panovision shield enables a wider field of view and this feature represents the racetrack view. An optically correct class one shield is free from distortion and ensures a tall frontal vision. So, you will get a distortion-free wider view with the Bell SRT modular and SRT predator modular helmet.

Quick-release Shield System

The shield on this bad boy supports Bell’s quick-release shield system to swap over the shield in no time. The riders have found the shield swapping very easy, fast, and smooth. The absence of anti-fog in the SRT modular is a bit disappointing. Though you might find some pin-lock-ready anti-fog shields of other Bell’s models compatible with the SRT modular.

bell srt modular helmet matte black

Soundproof your Bell Helmet

Drop-Down Sun Visor

The drop-down Bell SRT internal sun visor is an amazing feature. As it is an everyday requirement for any ride. The SRT flip-front operates through the slider on the bottom left side of the helmet. On the other hand, the slider position is perfect and it operates smoothly. One-hand operation of the slider and the position of it is really perfect.

Along with the drop-down sun visor, and clear sporty look shield, Bell SRT modular has eyewear arm pockets. It enables you to wear prescribed glass through the interior liner.


The DOT certification ensures the durability and safety features of the Bell SRT modular helmet. To get certified by the Department of transportation, each organization has to fill out the DOT number application for their products and later the test results determine the credibility of getting certified. Although the Bell SRT full-face helmet is Snell and DOT certified, the modular one is only DOT certified. Exceeding or meeting the standards of FMVSS 218 grants the DOT certification.

BELL SRT Modular Helme

Comfortable Interior

By maintaining a proper balance between the pricing and quality, Bell has also ensured a comfortable interior with their SRT modular and SRT modular predator blackout helmet. This modular has expanded polystyrene (EPS) crushable foam in the interior with eyewear and speaker pockets.  The crushable EPS foam and the cheek pads provide a nice and snug fit around the head. It feels secure and comfortable during the ride. All the anti-bacterial cheek pads are washable and removable for maintenance.

Color Variations

I personally like the Bell SRT Modular Predator Blackout helmet version as it has a glossy black finish. This one is perfect for the street-sport-motorcycles. The transmit gloss Hi-Viz has a combo of yellow and black which is a fashionable choice. Additionally, the Bell SRT-Modular Presence has a combination of gloss gray Hi-Viz yellow combination and that looks great too.

Moreover, starting with the Bell Revolver modular helmet, Bell has come a long way with its improved technology with Bell SRT modular helmet. This is a budget-friendly and straightforward operatable helmet that is full of incredible features.

I would love to address the Bell SRT modular helmet as a perfect evolution of its predecessor. It will definitely fulfill your essential needs as a modern racer.

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