Motorcycle Helmet Mounted Light to make your Helmet Glow

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Legalization regarding motorcycle helmet-mounted lights is a frequently asked question in the helmet blog. Riders are often worried about their newly attached motorcycle helmet light and the question is “Are the motorcycle helmet mounted lights legal?”. 

The human mind works on the information received in the form of lights and feelings. In the case of auxiliary lights and a set of triangular lights are more visible than a single light. But how far can you make your accessories light visible until the cops pull you aside? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. You can use additional lights until it creates undue dazzle. 

Auxiliary lights make objects bigger and brighter, which is legal but an undue dazzle caused by lights on the road is illegal. In most cases, available lights on the market are manufactured within the permitted lumen range nonetheless the type of the light such as foglight, headlight, or led-stripe.

But which one is to buy for your helmet? Follow the lists of descriptions to find out the best of the motorcycle helmet-mounted light for your everyday journey.

We have categorized the helmet-mounted lights into four different sections.

  1. Helmet-mounted front Light
  2. Helmet brake Light
  3. Helmet Led Stripe Light
  4. Mountain bike helmet-mounted light
  5. Bike helmet with lights built-in

Motorcycle Helmet-mounted front Light

Helmet front lights are essential for longer rides in the darkest area. It helps you to indicate your position and speed. Additional light on your helmet is never a bad thing and a powerful front light will make your ride safer and brighter.

Light & Motion Vis 360 Pro

The importance of bike lights during the night is clearly understandable concerning the safety it brings on the road. Light and motion’s Vis 360 pro is one of the widely used lightweight bike helmet lights. It emits a powerful 600-lumen front light and that rate is pretty high for the motorcycle helmet-mounted light. In addition to that, the rear light ensures a 360-degree cone of view.

Motorcycle Helmet-mounted front Light

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An Improved and balanced Design

A balanced design of this motorcycle helmet-mounted front light makes it feel perfectly on the helmet without adding any additional weight. Additionally, the powerful rear red light has a turn-off switch to conserve power for a longer period. The rear light can be turned off with a single press and hold function. Once the front light is powered up, the rear light turns itself on. 

Easy installation of the front and rear light

This is easily mountable to ensure proper safety and visibility through the headlight or taillight combo. During the ride, you can easily adjust the light angle and the 600-lumen headlight with a bright headlight is just perfect to light your way up. The taillight delivers a safe plus beam for additional safety. 

Suitable for every weather

The light motion Vis 360 pro comes with front and rear helmet mounts and accessory head strap available for off-the-bike use. Vis 360 pro is waterproof and the independent front and rear light control system really make it a suitable design for your day or night trip. 

A better visibility

This fundamental helmet-mounted light has the basic purpose of eliminating the leading cause of bike light failures. Moreover, the 360 degrees protective light ensures the rider sees better and stays safer on the road. 

Helmet brake light

A helmet is always a good thing and an additional light on the helmet is better. If you want to mount a front and rear light on your motorcycle helmet then TOTMOX Led Helmet is a suitable option.

TOTMOX LED Helmet Light

It is a rechargeable helmet-mounted LED light that comes with a USB charging cable. TOTMOX LED helmet light is lightweight, portable, and ultra-bright with a wide application region. If you want to light up your motorcycle helmet with a brighter one, then this is for you. 

Helmet brake light

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A one-stop solution for all Vehicle

As a one-stop solution for your helmet trail, or electric car tail, or even a cycling backpack trail, you can use the TOTMOX motorcycle helmet-mounted led light. It is super easy to install: you just have to stick it on the back of your helmet and easily removable. 

A reliable battery or Not?

Although there were complaints about the low battery life, a lot more rider has ensured that the battery life is perfect for them. You just have to use it efficiently and charge it in a regular period. It is a bright enough tail light to let others know that you are riding a safe drive. 

Whistler Group MotoGlo Full Helmet Brake Light

Now, this is another gift from modern-day technology. Whistler group MotoGLo has the capability to paired for two helmets through one module as it supports wireless operation between the transmitter and the helmet. It has 10 ultra-bright led which indicates the braking and signaling operation of your ride. 

Helmet Safety Light

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Versatile Vehicle supporting Application

Whistler group MtoGlow Helmet safety light is a one-stop solution for a wide category of vehicles. It is compatible with the street-sport-motorcycles, ATV, off-road bikes, scooters, and UTV. The rechargeable self-contained battery in itself is ultra-durable and all of these comes with easy installation. 

A fixed Battery, Is that a problem?

One thing that might create a problem for this, in the long run, is the battery is mounted in the console. So, you might not be able to replace it if it goes bad. Although it won’t happen any sooner. Moreover, you can use it for the modular style helmet and half shell helmet and it is a must for any motorcyclist who has frequent rides in the night.

Helmet Led Stripe Light

Helmet-mounted led stripe lights are a modern-day invention suitable for fashionable riders. If you want to light up your helmet with a modified look then the led strip lights are perfect for you. In most cases, the led strips are compatible with all types of motorcycle helmets.

Why mount an LED stripe on your helmet?

The best feature of these lights is that they are visible in every state of the weather. It does not really matter if it is rainy or foggy or even snowy weather. With these led stripes on, you are visible to every rider alongside or beside you and they are not even ultra bright. It is like a perfect situation to be identified while effectively avoiding collision on the road due to visibility problems. 

bike helmet LED stripe

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Versatile Application Region

There is a wide range of rechargeable motorcycle helmet led light available in the market which comes in different sizes, colors, and different shapes. These helmet lights are free of heat, ultraviolet rays, and zero electromagnetic radiation. Most of the led stripe light supports different modes of lighting to offer a cool vibe during the ride. 

helmet LED stripe

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Different Brand, Different Design

The following list of motorcycle helmet-mounted led stripe lights are currently trending in the market with their safe and secure design. All of them are waterproof and easy installation supported.

Light Mode

Light mode is a trending brand in terms of helmet lighting kits. They currently have a vast range of led stripes with different designs and colors. The Neutron S Kits in one of the finest of them all. 

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Versatile Kit Type by Light Mode

The Neutron S Kits come with two or four peel and stick light strips whereas the electron S Kits have one 3 meter EL wire and an additional 50 cm light stripe. Neutron S Kits support only the peel and stick operation which requires no glue but the Electron S Kit requires LightMode Glue and accelerator to install. 

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Neutron S Kit: A beauty

I personally like the Neutro S Kits as it requires no glue and it is also removable. It does not require any EL wire too. Different kits of LightMode have different strips design. You can choose any one of them from their night shift, venom, Evo, grid, or blade. 

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The Neutron S Kits have the GRID and BLADE design in two pale and strip led light and the EVO and VENOM comes with the four stipe Neutron S Kits. You can pre-order through their website or visit their nearest shops.

From my perspective, led stripe helmet light is a great alternative for the motorcycle helmet-mounted lights they are fashionable and comes up with great designs. If you are looking for one, then you should try Light Mode.

helmet LED stripe

Mountain bike helmet-mounted light

Now, mountain bike helmet lights are an essential part of the rider as they tend to drive in the darker areas frequently. While riding on such a trail, I will always suggest riders taking a look at the Greerride Mountain bike helmet light.

Greerride rechargeable Mountain Bike Helmet Light

It is budget-friendly, lightweight, and also supports flashing mode and steady mode. So it is quite a package for the rider. 

Mountain Bike Helmet Light

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A brighter front light

You can feel safe with this 100-lumen front light on your helmet as it is widely visible by the other riders from yards away. You can mount it on your helmet, handlebar, or even under the seat based on your preference. Greerride mountain bike helmet has extra-wide beams that are seen from multiple angles and that makes you safe even in the darkest night riding condition. 

Mountain Bike Helmet Light

Perfect Engineering

The front and rear combination of the Greerride Mountain bike helmet light has six different modes. Among them, the flashing mode makes you stand out in the road and it comes with the front light. The rear red light has a steady mode, slow flashing mode, and quick flashing mode. All of the modes are changeable through the single power button. 

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A long-lasting Battery Life

It is quite astonishing that Greerride used a 500 mah lithium-ion battery inside their helmet-mounted light. The battery is rechargeable through a single USB cable that comes with the box. The light lasts for 22 hours straight and the power button works as the indicator in charging or fully charged condition. So, its user friendly. You can even charge it through your laptop.

Easy Installation

Geerride is one full package in terms of mountain bike helmet lights. It supports easy installation through two rubber straps of different lengths for different sizes of helmets. Additionally, it has a quick-release lever to mount the light to the adjustable installation mount. You can mount the lights in parallel or in perpendicular using the square base and you are good to go. 

Mountain Bike Helmet Light Easy Installation

Versatile implementation

Furthermore, you can use it for multiple purposes like a camping trip, or emergency lights for cars. The compact design of the Greerride helmet-mounted front light is easy to carry even in your pocket. The light cover is durable and the aluminum alloy protects it from crash or collision. Additionally, You can even change the reflectors of the light. So, if you are looking for a helmet-mounted front light then you must need to check this one out.

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost

Niterider Lumina 900 is a rechargeable helmet-mounted front light that has a special lock mode to securely powering off during transport or storage. You can control all the functions through the power button. Initially, it comes from the factory in Lock Mode so you have to unlock it before everything. 

Mountain Bike Light

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A daylight Visible Flash

Now, the NiteRider has a daylight visible flash which increases the visibility at night on the road. In addition to that, it comes up with the low battery indicator which is essential to avoid unfortunate events like running out of power in the middle of the night. Light in Blue indicates good battery health and the red one indicates the low battery condition. 

daylight Visible Flash

A great Sporty Look

Among all the features, I really loved the outlook of the NiteRider light. It looks pretty classy and the superior engineering makes it a durable choice for the bikers. The self-contained lithium-ion battery is capable of extracting 900 lumens and the battery is really reliable. You can charge it from any ac powered source or even a laptop port. 

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Easy Installation

It also supports easy attachment and easy removal so you can instantly remove the light from the mount. You can even unmount the bar and place it on your sidebar during transport and storage. You will get the handlebar strap mount for quick release. Overall, its a pretty great for the bikers who like a portable helmet-mounted light for the mountain bike helmet.

Motorcycle helmet with lights built-in:

If you are tired of looking for additional helmet lights then you should go for a helmet that has lights built-in. Depending on the great build quality, budget-friendly, and the builts in light quality, we have enlisted two helmets here that might arise your interest.

Motorcycle helmet with lights built-in

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

The special cause behind enlisting this one in our list is that the ILM motorcycle helmet is a quiet helmet with pretty good noise-canceling capability. The outer portion of this helmet is made with an ABS shell that comes with an adjustable strap. This helmet has a sleek and lightweight design that helps to reduce noise. 

Motorcycle helmet with lights built-in

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The ILM motorcycle helmet is a DOT-certified one, so there is no question about its safety features and the interior foam and the cheek pads are pretty good considering the budget. Additionally, the cheek pads are lightweight, easily removable, and washable too. 

A LED Mounted Helmet

Now, here comes the lighting part. This helmet has several builts in LED lights that have several modes which flash during the rides. In such a scenario, A rider can easily set up the modes based on his preferences. The modes are easily adjustable by pressing the control button on the back. 

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A little Confusion on the Synchronization

One thing that needs to be cleared is that the brake of the motorcycle and the helmet lights are not synchronized so you have to connect them otherwise. In addition to that, the helmet light batteries do not come with the helmet, so you have to buy them separately. For safety purposes, it is not recommended to use tinted vision when the visibility is poor. 

Speed-dependent Lighting Sequence

I like the ILM helmet because of its speed-dependent led sequence mode. That means the light flashing mode changes with a variety of speeds. Additionally, It provides a comfortable fitting and a modular helmet within this price range that comes with LEDs on the back is a rare combination. 

Shark Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

Shark Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet has 3 brighter led light which has blinking and steady mode. This is an extremely stable design with optimized aerodynamic engineering. Additionally, the Shark Unisex full-face helmet comes with a Pinlock MaxVision Visor and it really improves your view during a ride. 

Motorcycle helmet with LED lights built-in

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A Comfortable Interior

The polycarbonate EPS foam inside the helmet is quite comfortable and the bamboo-treated interior is anti-bacterial, anti-sweating, and hypoallergenic. In addition to that, it has an auto seal system that flattens the visor onto the helmet.  

A long-lasting Battery

Now, to bright up the led of the helmet, it has a rechargeable battery that powers up the helmet. The battery has 5000 recharge cycles and that is quite impressive for battery life. According to Shark, the led goes for longer than 10 hours in the blinking state. Moreover, One can easily charge the battery with the USB cable that comes with it. 

Motorcycle helmet with LED lights built-in

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A Special Recommendation

The battery life of the led in this helmet is so impressive that it enlisted itself on our special recommendation list. Shark helmets are always fashionable and if you are looking for a motorcycle helmet with lights built-in, then you should give it a try. This is an alternative choice for the motorcycle helmet-mounted light.

Final Verdict

A helmet is always the best safety companion for any rider and a helmet with lights is like the greatest safety gear. on this blog, we have enlisted only a fraction of the total available motorcycle helmet-mounted lights in the market. But if you reach up to this point, then you surely have an idea of your preference. Happy Helmet Light Haunting.


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