Schuberth C5: The Most Advanced Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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Schuberth C5: The latest C Helmet that blends a perfect combination of modular design, safety, and lightweight construction. I like the C5 for its minimized fatigue, balanced comfort, noise cancellation capability, low strength to weight ratio and on and on and on…. 

After two long years of releasing the C4 Pro, Schuberth struck back with the C5 manufactured in Magdeburg, Germany. 

This is nothing like before but the experience of developing amazing motorcycle gear like the Schuberth C4, C4 PRO Carbon,  C3 & C3 Pro. 

Schuberth C3 Pro Modular Helmet
Schuberh C3 Pro
Schuberh C3 Pro Lid open
Schuberth C5 Master Variation
Schuberh C5
Schuberth C5 Master Modular Helmet
Schuberh C5 Flip up
Schuberth C4 Modular Helmet
Schuberh C4 Pro
Schuberth C4 Pro lid open
Schuberh C4 Pro lid open

After months of research and riding with the Schuberth C5, I do not know where to start. But I have to start somewhere. Let’s start with the modular helmet noise issue and how the C5 makes you free from it. 

Schuberth C5 Quiet Ride Experience

Modular helmets are not always quiet, due to the additional engineering on shell and ventilation ports. 

But, I love its performance as it felt like an instant noise reduction. Just before riding with the Schuberth C5, I rode with the Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon & Bell SRT Modular and the C5 beat them all. 

I vote for their claim of only 85 db(A) at 62 mph. But what makes it actually the most advanced noise cancelling modular helmet? 

The Quietest Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Mostly, the Neck Role concept of Schuberth increases the Aeroacoustics performance. 

Additionally, Schuberth has managed some of the top-notch industry-leading ideas and technologies to increase the performance of C5. 

The C5 Wind deflector has a reflective area and the neck role concept combined just took it to the next level. Resulting only 85db(A) at 100km/h. But how? 

Tested For 200 Hours in Lab & 400 Hours in Test Rides

Schuberth has its own wind tunnel testing facility. The C5 itself is the ultimate result of 20,000 engineering hours and 400 hours of test rides on the road. They have tested the 2,000 helmet in their high-end laboratory to get into this masterpiece. 

Just to improve the noise cancellation capability Schuberth tested the C5 for more than 200 hours in their property wind tunnel. Just to optimize the helmet shell design which became the ultimate game changer to block wind noise entering into the helmet. 

Improved Aeroacousticity Performance of Schuberth C5

According to the rule of motorcycle Aeroacousticity engineering, there are two types of areas for riders to determine the Aeroacoustic performance of a helmet. 

Firstly, the aeroacoustically non-critical area ranges above the angle of the chinbar and the below section of it.

Schuberth has its own wind tunnel testing facility. They have tested the C5 for more than 20,000 hours in their high-end laboratory. 

According to the rule of motorcycle aerobics, there are two types of areas for riders to determine the Aeroacoustic performance of a helmet. 

Firstly, the aeroacoustically non-critical area ranges above the angle of the chinbar and the below section of it.

How Schuberth C5 Improved Noise Cancellation Capability

To optimise aeroacouistics performance, Schuberth improved the helmet construction with aerodynamic structure. 

This does not let the turbulence reach to the bottom surface of the helmet. Mostly, the bottom surface of the helmet is the most critical area for aeroacoustic performance.

We have recently updated our Top Quietest Motorcycle Helmet list and you can read that to learn about some other quiet beasts within C5’s budget. 

C5 Turbulators Reduces Wind Whistling

Often the sharp edges of the helmet create a whistling wind sound and make the exterior noisy but Schuberth added Turbulators under the above edge of their C5 sun visor. 

Resulting in reducing the impact of wind sound reaching the helmet interior created from smooth and straight edges.

Schuberth C5 Turbulator Working Principle

Additional Wind Deflector Blocking Wind From Below

The C5 also features an additional wind deflector inside of the acoustic collar, This removable wind deflector prevents the unpleasant effect of the wind created from the bottom of the helmet. 

Making the Schuberth C5 quieter. Another tiny detail to be added that, when you need a bit extra air to your helmet interior, you can just remove it and readjust it.

Besides everything, the customizable interior padding helps a lot to improve C5’s noise-cancelling capability. We will talk about it here also. 

Schuberth C5 Features of Endless Evolution

Schuberth branded their latest C series helmet C5 with a tagline of endless evolution. While I am writing about this most advanced modular motorcycle helmet, I came to realize Why they used that tagline?

Because it has an unimaginable range of small yet unique features that directly resolve the issues that riders have faced so far. 

C5 Shell Sizing is Altered a bit!!

For the time being, let’s talk about the shell and sizing first.

For example, the head sizing issue. The Schuberth C5 has two different shell sizes. Shell 1: 53-59 and Shell 2: 61-55 based on the head sizes. But that is all to get a perfect head-sized helmet suitable for everyone. 

Compared to the C3 Pro, and C4 PRO, the C5 is more rounded than a long oval shape. So, the repeated users may face a sizing issue but the fit of the new C5 is amazing.

To solve the fitting issues for their repeated users, Schuberth Individual Concept integrated into C5 allows customized fit. For an additional $35 you will get the fitting accessories box with one back pad and two side pads. 

The Most Exquisite Carbon Fiber Integration

One thing about the shell that takes C5 in another level is that it has an interior carbon fiber shell. You can’t see it as it is on the interior shell construction and the actual carbon fiber integration makes it a perfect lightweight helmet.

Immense Impact Absorption Capability

I guess I don’t have to describe carbon fiber’s protection capability. Even if you want to learn more we have a separate blog on carbon fiber helmets. But this blog does not cover everything about Schuberth C5 as it features a Fiber Glass shell reinforcement. This is something you won’t see usually. 

The process of fiberglass incorporation with a special resin is quite fascinating.

DFP Shell Making Process

Schuberth combines a directly processed glass fiber with a special resin in a vacuum. The pressure at this level is high which forms an exceptionally sturdy yet uniquely light helmet shell.

The pressure and the process keep running until the shell is perfectly balanced in every position. Not a millimeter extra in any place or not a millimeter less.

Considering its features and manufacturing process, this is an engineering masterpiece in the helmet category. 

Lightest Carbon Fiber Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Let’s get back to the outer shell construction. The carbon fiber construction keeps the C5 in the lightest helmet category. 

But what is the proof? 

Remember, when I talked about the ECE-R 22.06 Certification? 

One of the fundamental ECE-R 22.06 certification regulations is that the helmets can’t be heavier than a certain value and C5 meets it perfectly. 

While size 59 weighs only 1660 grams and size 61 weighs 1810 grams with an extra 150 grams of weight.  

You can read our latest Carbon Fiber Helmet reviews to learn all about buying a carbon fiber helmet. 

Master of Communication Developed by SENA

A tiny detail often wins our hearts and Schuberth C5 is the combination of all the tiny details and features that makes you fall in love with it completely. 

It’s superb communication feature adjustment capability developed by the master SENA. 

Schuberth C5 communication system is designed to support Plug and Play capability. Based on SENA 50S, Schuberth added speakers, Mesh Antena, FM Radio Antenna, and Bluetooth Antenna. 

Meaning, that you can say hi to your nearest Schuberth helmet supporting MESH communication. 

Connected Throughout Every Journey

You can also listen to the FM if you want and the interior speakers support HD audio. 

The only thing you need is to add a speaker which needs to be plugged in the port on the front side of the helmet and you are connected. 

The backside of the C5 has a small pocket that has the communication system battery and all. 

Wires are nicely backed and connected throughout the interior shell and removing the paddings will not cause any harm to that. 

Best Feature of Schuberth C5

Now as I have explained to you the C5 communication system, we are one step closer to the finishing line. Up to this point I have shared my views of Schuberth C5’s features and all but now it’s time to know about its ultimate strength. The noise cancellation capability regardless of its great ventilation capability, protection to weight ratio. 

Why Schuberth C5 is The Most Advanced Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

Next Level of Modular Flip-up Operation

The next best feature of this amazing modular helmet that I really loved is its operation flexibility. Just like the previous C helmets, the C5 lid mechanism works perfectly. Even the dropdown sunshield which is pioneered by Schuberth is now even better at C5. It won’t touch your nose maybe as this did not happen with me and it was easily adjustable. 

Schuberth C5 Visor Memory Funtionality

The amazing modular operation of Schuberth C5 makes it the top pick as a modular motorcycle helmet. This is a beast for the flip-up helmet fan. 

In terms of look, finish, style, and operation, the Schuberth C5 modular helmet is the most advanced helmet you can get. 

Because the C5 visor system has a memory. Am I kidding? No. 

C5 Visor Adjustability

The Schuberth C5 visor has specific points of adjustment. This means you can place it anywhere in between the fully open & fully closed positions. 

Let’s say, you have placed it in the middle and now you want to flip up your chin bar. 

There is a nice little red button on the chin bar that needs to be pressed to flip it up. 

How Schuberth C5 Visor Memory Works

Read carefully and imagine that you have the C5 already. Your visor is in the middle layer and you flipped up the chinbar fully. The visor goes along with it to the very top position. 

After a few minutes, you decide to put down the lid and the visor is coming back with it. But, this time it will only pull itself down to the position that it was in earlier.

Meaning, the Schuberth C5 visor remembers its previous position and it will not come with the chin bar more than the position you have set earlier.

My jaw dropped when I experienced this feature. 

Visor Control Operation of Schuberth C5

There is another small yet effective piece of info that I am thrilled to share with you. You will see a small Schuberth logo on the right bottom area of your C5 and this is nothing but a strategically placed branding. 

But the opposite side of the helmet in the same place is special. It has a slider. The slider is to drop your black visor and put it back. 

Even this small thing has a unique capability. With a sudden small push, nothing will happen to this slider. But a bit extra push will drop your shun shield.

Schuberth did not want its black sun shield to drop unintentionally. So, they create the mechanism to initially start with an extra push power. There’s more to it. 

Tired of Hurting Your Nose From Visor Drop Down?

Some of you like me may have a bulky nose, which is beautiful but often gets hurt from the helmet sun shield falling directly on it. 

But C5’s sun shield does not initially drop fully. It slowed down before coming down completely, hereby it did not hurt my nose and I fell in love with it.

Followingly, the Schuberth C5 modular motorcycle helmet’s adjustable chin strap has a liner attached to it. It is invisible from the outer view as the liner lies below the comfort liner around the neck roll. Schuberth named it A.R.O.S. The Anti Roll Off System. 

Chin Lock Mechanism of Schuberth C5

The more I played along with the C5, the more I got to learn why they have waited more than 2 years to bring their next helmet. 

Let’s talk about the chin strap now. 

We all have faced issues with the chinstrap that soaks our throat so hard in the name of protection that it hurts, feels harsh, or painful after a long ride. 

But, Schuberth recognized and restructured its chinstrap adjustment capability to make us all of its fans.

Small upgrade but with an amazing outcome. The C5 chinstrap is now adjustable from your neck area to the jawline. 

Meaning, that you can place your chinstrap in a comfortable position while not forcing your neck to harness the pain and pressure like other typical modular helmets. 

Endless Ventilation For Everyday Ride

Now, let’s talk about the ventilation performance. The C5 has a full-time open exhaust vent that will simultaneously keep your head ventilated even if there are no intake vents open. 

You may ask why. Even when the intake vents are closed, your head dissipates heat in the interior and the full-time open exhaust vent takes it out for you. 

One more simple idea that was incorporated by this amazing German manufacturer is that there will not be water or drizzle coming in from these vents. Amazing!!! Right? Hoooooffffffff, yet there is more.

Five States of Ventilation

Most modular helmets do not incorporate ideal air intake vents but Schuberth has two states of air intake function just in its chin bar. In total, the c5 has 5 ventilation vents to maintain proper air flow within the helmet. 

The above air intake vent located in the chin bar comes in action with a little downward push and acts like a button. I personally loved this as it was easy and always on track. 

The second one has a slider function which comes in action with a downward sliding force. Air intake function of C5 is special. C5’s air vents interchangeable filters beneath the surface. 

Which is fully removable and washable and designed to block particles and debris from either side. The air intake vents above the head also have a sliding function and it is so easy to operate.

City Vents Ensuring Smooth Airflow

This Schberth unlike others features a city vent. This one is nothing but amazing thinking of Schuberth Helmet Engineers who thought about keeping a small space between the visor and the chin bar to let a bit extra air into your face. 

But, this is not always open. With a simple push to the visor, you will hear a nice click and a few millimeter gaps, which will let a slow air push under the visor. 

This is the City Vent, the little trick to promote the endless evolution of Schuberth. 


It’s already been a long review. But the Schuberth C5 features and a unique capability to fill up every rider’s need are still not completed.

 Including all its comfort features and a perfect combination of technology and balance, the Schuberth C5 is the most advanced modular motorcycle helmet even up to today. 

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