5 Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmets You Can Actually Buy!!

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What is A Vintage Motorcycle Helmet?

We are addressing vintage helmets here as the helmets are designed to mesmerize the past designs with modern-day features. For example, the AGV X3000 helmet is the modern-day version of the AGV’s very first racing full-face helmet. So, motorcycle helmet under the vintage helmet does not necessarily mean that they are the oldest. Rather our vintage motorcycle helmet list is full of beasts that remind you about the classic designs with ultimate safety. 

What are the Best Retro Helmets of 2023?

According to Champion Helmets, the AGV X3000, Bell BULLITT, HJC V90, SCORPION EXO-HX-1, ARAI CONCEPT-X & SHOEI GLAMSTER 06 are the best vintage or retro helmets of 2023. Another top-rated review website voted Daytona Full Face Helmet Retro, TORC T1 Unisex & Royal H01 in their top chart. But, based on the design, safety features & weight comparison, our Top Vintage Motorcycle Helmets of 2023 are the Bell Bullitt, AGV X3000, Shoei Glamster 06 & Daytonal Full Face Retro helmet.

Which one is the first motorcycle helmet?

You might be amazed to know but the AGV X3000 was the first full-face European helmet.

List of our Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmet You Can Actually Buy: ​

  • Bell Bullitt
  •  Shoei Glamster 06
  • Daytona Full Face Retro

Ride in Style with Bell Bullitt

Bell Bullitt: Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmet for 2023

The Bell Bullitt full-face motorcycle comes in two variations. One is carbon and the other is the Gloss variant. Both come in 3 different shell sizes. The Bullitt carbon is made of a 3k carbon shell and the Bullitt is made of low-profile fiberglass composite. Due to carbon fiber construction, the Bullitt carbon shell will cost you $669 and the non-carbon fiberglass Bell Bullitt will cost you only $439.

Comparison between Bell Bullitt Carbon & Bell Bullitt

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Why Bell Bullitt is the Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmet for 2023?

This is something that you don’t see that often. Leather colored fully genuine leather interior is the first thing that will catch your eye in this helmet. And it is so comfortable. 

Maybe the leather thing is giving you an idea of a strong-harsh feeling around your head. But this has an exactly opposite feeling. It’s soft, comfortable & lightweight.

I will categorize the Bell Bullitt as a lightweight carbon fiber vintage motorcycle helmet. It only weighs 1280gm and it felt like the perfect combination for my go-to rides. 

There is also a list of accessories that Bell offers to keep your Bullitt always fresh. It doesn’t matter if you have a carbon or non-carbon one. You can get a list of Bullitt Flat Shields, Cheek Pads, Hinge plates & even the top liner. It’s like a fully customizable vintage helmet that is almost fully manufactured at home. 

The best thing about anything that is vintage is that you should have a say in its outlook and Bell offers you to customize your Bullitt before even ordering. 

Bell Bullitt is our Best vintage motorcycle helmet for 2023 as it is lightweight, comfortable, stylish, not extremely overprized, and a modern classic full of features. 

SCORPION EXO-HX-1: Vintage Street Fighter Motorcycle Helmet

A DOT & ECE-approved, well-ventilated retro street fighter helmet. The badass outer look & KWIKWICK liner inside is a good fit if you have a vintage test. 

Features like integrated speaker pockets, adjustable Ram-air intake, Everclear anti-fog, and the chin curtain make it a modern helmet. The peak visor and the side covers within the box give it the transformation capability from a vintage to a street motorcycle helmet in a few seconds.   

Starting from the outer Polycarbonate shell to the Multi-layer EPS liner, everything is engineered in EXO-HX-1 to maximize impact absorption. It felt strong and protective to me as I have tested but that is not the best thing about it.

There is another Scorpion Helmet the ScorpionEXO Covert X, which is an open-face half-shell ¾ helmet and it costs $304 while the ScorpionEXO-HX-1 costs only $204 on Amazon. So, this is a low-priced retro motorcycle helmet. 

The shell size of ScorpionEXO-HX-1 is a bit bigger than the Covert X, but the ventilation performance is what makes it included in our Top retro motorcycle helmet list. Overall, this is a good helmet, if style is your thing then you should definitely give it a shot.

Stylish Black Vintage Full Face Helmet

ARAI CONCEPT-X: Best Fashionable Retro Helmet For 2023

It literally looks like an egg, if you see the white ARAI CONCEPT-X one and I loved it for its snug fit. You may not believe but there are in total 27 variants of Concept X from Arai and every one of them represents the vintage look and modern features. 

This is an old-school helmet from the naked motorcycle era. It has a removable mouth vent and shield latch system to open or close. It’s like the old style in a new bag but this time the bag is full of modern features and designs. 

The outer shell is made out of prophetically belt e-complex laminate construction. Meaning, it’s lighter yet great impact absorbent. The shield system supports the Variable Axis System. But, the most amazing part of ARAI Concept X is the ventilation system. 

It has all those hidden layers and a channeling system to maintain perfect airflow. I rode with it for 6 straight hours and the performance was great & more relaxed. Mainly, the cool air is fed through the brow vent and supplied throughout the channeling system below the EPS liner. 

The frontal vents support passing the air below the helmet area, keeping pads cooler and also reducing the wind noise. There is also the hidden-multi stage air channel in the main section of the shell. For me, the Concept-X is the Best Vintage Helmet for Well Ventilated Rides. 

Fashionable Retro Helmet for 2023

The Legends of Full Face Helmets: AGV X3000

This is the helmet, that started the journey of full-face helmets in the European market and also AGV logo was revealed with this helmet. Can you imagine the moment people first came to know about full face protection and how they felt? 

The AGV X3000 is the modern version of this feeling and after being immediately released, champions like Agostini, Sheene, and everyone else on the race track fall for it. That’s why, helmet tips brought this masterpiece as the best retro full-face motorcycle helmet. 

Depending on the outer shell size, the AGV X3000 weighs only 1300 grams and the closest competitor is the Bell Bullitt Carbon with 1280 grams. So, you get the same lightweight feeling for less than $200. Because the AGV X3000 Legends full-face vintage helmet costs only as low as $263.

Low price, lightweight, breathable & washable leather interior, single-handed visor open facility, and all the modern looks make it one of the top picks for a vintage motorcycle helmet.  I personally thank AGV for making us run with history again for the AGV X3000 legends. 

The Best Looking Retro Helmet: Shoei Glamster 06

In this helmet, the only thing that is vintage is the shape and the look. Everything else is just new like a Shoei original should be. There are multiple cheek pad dimensions for a snug & comfortable fit. 3 different outer shell sizes and shock-absorbent shell in AIM features the perfect protection in a vintage form. 

Shoei Glamster features multiple venting and extraction points. It has inlets on the brow & chin, and I love the performance of it. 

There are a total of 8 parts in Glamster 06 just like every other helmet. The visor is impact absorbent and it did not get any scratches. The front air intake features a sliding function to flow more air inside. But there is a chance of higher wind noise while all inhales are open. 

The best thing about Shoei Glamster is the fitting capability and the L size fits me perfectly. Although, the existing cheek pads on both sides felt a bit tight for me, so collected a bit smaller size. Now, everything is perfectly fine. 

With a price over $500, the Shoei Glamster 06 is a top-priced vintage helmet. But this level of finishing & features will cost you always some extra. Even, if you are looking for a cost-effective vintage motorcycle full-face helmet, then you can go for AGV X3000. 

Vintage Helmet from Shoei

Daytona Full Face Retro Helmet

Daytona is the cheapest top-rated brand to get a vintage motorcycle helmet. They have all sorts of vintage helmets, starting from open-face to ¾, half-shell, and full-face helmets. It doesn’t matter if you want a carbon or noncarbon retro helmet, they have everything. 

All helmets of Daytona are DOT-approved. So, even at a low price, you will get complete safety and comfort side by side. 

Starting from XS to XXL they have 2 shell sizes. You can get your desired fit by simply adjusting the additional liner. But, most of the time that is not required. 

The moisture-wicking liner keeps your head cool and comfortable and as a low-priced helmet, this is quite fascinating. 

Made out of high-quality polycarbonate plastic which is extremely durable and DOT & ECE certification is a proof of that. The style is retro and the color combination is exceptional. So, standing out of the thing completely available in Daytona’s vintage collection. 

Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet

Vintage motorcycle helmets hold a timeless allure for riders and enthusiasts alike. We’ve explored five exceptional examples in this blog, each embodying a unique blend of style, craftsmanship, and safety. 

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of the Bell Custom 500 or the retro charm of the Biltwell Gringo, these helmets not only evoke a sense of nostalgia but also provide modern-day protection. Embracing the past while riding safely into the future, vintage motorcycle helmets offer a fusion of aesthetics and security that appeals to riders seeking both style and substance on their journeys.

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