The 10 Best Dual-Sport Motorcycle Helmets: Reviews & Comparisons

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A dual sport helmet mostly combines with an easily detachable chin bar, wider face opening, and an attached visor for sun protection. Dual sport helmets are street-style full face helmets that support a detachable chin bar. The familiarity of full-face helmets started back in the 1960s when Bell introduced the first piece of chin bar attaching to open face helmets. The dual sport helmets are currently the primary choice for riders participating in competitive rides and racing tracks.

Dual sport helmets vary depending on factors like riding style, budget, and looks. It would not be wise to ride under the hot sun with a helmet having poor ventilation. The visor and the chin bar protection also play a vital part to choose a helmet. Choosing your helmet depending on riding conditions and riding style is just as important as the quality of the helmet material and ventilation capability. Noise reduction capability is another factor to look for in a dual sport helmet.

We will be discussing a few tricks and specifications about suitable dual sport helmets in depth. Read in short or in detail to identify the differentiating features while selecting your next adventure dual sport helmet. We also have a few suggestions for you from Bell and AGV for a suitable ride.

Dual sport Helmet Offerings

Dual sport helmets are mostly designed for on and off the tracks with a sneaky street look. They are lightweight, aerodynamic, glossy, and extremely comfortable. The easily detachable chin bar and breathable interior make the dual sport preferable among most off-road bikers. Dual sport helmets are a combination of street riding and dirt bike helmet combination that consists of safety padding, a high-quality visor mechanism, and a mouthguard. 

Affording a Dual Sport Helmet


Riders often complain about the price range of dual sport helmets or ask “Why Dual Sport Helmets are so expensive?”. Firstly, not all adventure helmets are expensive and every expensive design has an alternative to go with. You just have to know what you are looking for and what are you expecting from your next dual sport helmet.  



Features to look for in an adventure dual sport helmet In-Depth   

A Great Build Quality or A Great Look

These two options are like the north and south poles of the world, yet it is a great parameter to choose your new helmet. Why so? Let me explain. 

A great build quality helmet that works perfectly on the track and into the dirt is expensive. On the other hand, a great look with compromised quality can be affordable. So, choosing a great build quality dual sport helmet or a great looking stylish helmet would definitely narrow down your helmet preference list. 

However, if it is not about the budget then go for a great build quality helmet with a stylish look for your next adventure dual sport helmet. Finishing the race in style with proper safety is the motto for both features altogether.   

Comfortable fitting

 Measuring one’s head before buying a helmet could easily solve the fitting problem. To do that, wrap a tape horizontally around the head about one inch above the eyebrows. Do it several times and look at the helmet fitment chart for the perfect finding. Adventure dual sport helmet should have a perfect fitting around the head. As a rider, I find it as a fundamental checklist while buying a helmet. 

Proper Ventilation

 There is nothing better than an open face helmet if you consider ventilation. Usually, a vent or two within a helmet maintains airflow through inhaling and exhaust operation. ADV or dual sport helmets have the capability to create a cool environment during a ride. Additionally, the quickly detachable chin guard plays another vital role in dual sport helmet air ventilation.  

Wider View

 Lower chin bar and a wider attached visor make it easier to get a wider view. The compromises on the chin bar protection compared to the dirt bike helmet or off-road helmet have no relation in terms of safety protection to the eyes. An attached visor has the room to use goggles like an off road helmet. This is why we call these adventure helmets hybrid. They have the full face or modular helmet features combined with an off road helmet. A wider eye view is just another look for items in dual sport helmets. 

Based on everything, we would love to mention these honorable choices for the adventurous riders on both tracks. Using these models on your city plus terrain tracks makes you enjoy a protected and stylish ride. Follow Pros and Cons for a better comparison. We have also included the noise reduction capability of each helmet.  


1. What is the point of Dual Sport Helmet?

Dual sport helmets operate in both on and off road track style. Which precisely guarantees wider view, proper comfort with advanced interior ventilation, and proper safety. If you are a frequent rider for both on road and off-road dirt style then Dual-sport helmets are for you.  

2. Why do Dual sport Helmet have a visor?

Dual sport helmet with a visor are extremely favorable choices for the riders. Dual visor operates for clear visibility on the road and protection against dart or smoke or dust off road. You can get dual sport helmet with sun visor or tinted visor suitable for every ride. 

1. What is the best Dual Sport Adventure Helmet?

Dual sport helmets operate in both on and off road track style. For me, Bell MX adventure helmet, fox helmets are better choices. Additionally, as an electric snowmobile helmet  Castle X Mode dual sport is a great adventure helmet. You can also check out Shoei and HJC for a great dual sport helmet fit. 

1. What is the point of Dual Sport Helmet?

Dual sport helmets operate in both on and off road track style. Which precisely guarantees wider view, proper comfort with advanced interior ventilation, and proper safety. If you are a frequent rider for both on road and off-road dirt style then Dual-sport helmets are for you.  

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

I have added this one to my collection for a few months and it is one of my favorites to ride in every condition. The best part of using an off-road helmet on a street race track is that you don’t have to worry about the look. Adventure dual-sport helmets should have a glossy look with smooth finishing and Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet is no different. 

Additionally, you will get proper ventilation, an attached clean visor, true size fit, and DOT, ECE certification. 

It’s a Bell Dual Sport Helmet:

This Bell version is in a great position than their competitive models. They get an extra mile of a headstart with a budget-friendly situation. Around the 200$ mark, you won’t be able to get a dual sport enduro type helmet with this much comfort and style. 

In my view, Bell MX 9 adventure helmet is ahead of its other competitors in terms of its safety precautions and well-categorized material combination to deliver a perfect helmet. When it’s the Bell and if it’s also affordable, then a rider fond of dual sport helmets should collect it for his taste. 

BELL MX-9 Dual Sport Helmet


Dual Sport Protection on Dirt and Street

The Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet is set out to be the best partner on dirt and streets. Compared to the other variants of Bell Helmets, The MX-9 dual sport helmet is branded focusing on the level of safety performance with style. To focus on safety measurements riders will get:

  • Built-in anti-fog Face Shield: Integrated and removable face shield NUTRAFOG anti-fog keeps the inner face shield clean and clear. The UV protective face shield room also has the capability to use extra goggles for extreme conditions. 

  • Anti-Scratch Faceshield: Along with the anti-scratch Faceshield, this adventure dual-sport MX-9 helmet has an adjustable two-point visor with air intake vents. It will surely offer you a comfortable interior in almost every condition. 

  • Second Dark smoke shield: I personally love this portion of MX-9 where they have added an extra dark smoke shield for a ride under the hot sun. 

Bell MX-9 Helmet Ventilation and Other technologies

Adventure or Dual sport helmets need to be properly ventilated to support the riders under any conditions. The technologies Bell used in MX-9 are quite remarkable considering the budget. After trying it on for a bumpy ride you will not feel the burden of it and that is a feature of a lightweight helmet. Additionally, 

  • Ant-Bacterial Liner: A comfortable interior with a clean and bacti-free surface is the main goal of the Anti-bacterial liner. These are washable, removable, and comfortable. The best part is that they inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. 

  • MIPS: stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System Mostly it’s a leading slip-plane technology that allows the helmet to reduce the rotational forces resulting from clashes or impacts. 

  • Velocity flow ventilation system: It allows helmets to create a better inside with maximum cooling facility. It’s an exclusive addition from Bell to create a comfortable inner surface for their riders. 

Above all, The MX-9 adventure helmet is an attractive package consisting of MIPS, anti-fog, and anti-scratch face shield, velocity flow ventilation, and anti-bacterial liner. It’s one of my favorites as a budget-friendly best dual sport helmet.

AGV AX-9 Dual Sport Helmet

A fashionable choice is another name for this one. You will find almost 10 variants with different colors, different stripes, or even a shade under the same specification. A colorful choice or a dashing one, you will find all of them ready to ride under any condition. Let’s learn a bit more about the AGV AX-9 Dual Sport Helmet in the following section.


AGV AX-9 Dual Sport Helmet


Overall Construction of AGV AX-9 

AGV AX-9 has a carbon-fiber structure. Referring to the other carbon fiber helmets, AX-9 is a glossy lightweight choice with a carbon fiber finish ensuring a proper lightweight combination. In addition to that, This lightweight combination of Carbon, Aramid Glass, and fiber shell ensures a high structure of safety standards while ensuring a comfortable interior. 

4 different Modular Combination 

This is an interesting feature of the AGV AX-9 dual sport adventure helmet. The spare room on the front can easily contain an extra pair of goggles based on the demand. The attachment of goggles and removal of redesigned peak or ultra panoramic visor creates these combinations. Things will be much clearer with the following images. 

Protection on Dirt and Street

  • Super Wide Visor:  Compared to the predecessor AGV AX-8 modular helmet, the AX-9 has a super wide visor with enough space for an extra pair of goggles. Approximately 110 degrees of view with the attached sun visor and peak. 
  • Pinlock Anti-fog: AGV pin-lock enabled anti-fog face shield is one of my personal favorites. It prevents fogging, is easier to install, clear view, and buy the face shield separately from any shop or online marketplace at your doorstep. 
  • Certifications: AGV is DOT certified for its best material combination and overall safety precautions.

HJC DS-X1 Dual Sport Helmet: Peak Performance On A Budget

Dual sport motorcycle helmets are perfect for the thrill-seeking adventurer. They’re high performance and allow you to explore the bounds of your curiosity whenever you want. But when it comes to the cost, dual sport helmets can be on the pricey side.  HJC DS-X1 Dual Sport Helmet on the other hand is reliable and affordable at just $100!

Introduction to HJC DS-X1 Dual Sport Helmet

HJC DS-X1 is designed for dual sport riding, meaning that it can be used on both road and dirt bikes. This helmet is perfect for budget-conscious riders who are looking for a high-quality product without breaking the bank. The DS-X1 features several pros that make the difference in being the best affordable choice in the market.

How to size it correctly?

 To size your helmet correctly, first measure your head with a measuring tape. Then, use the sizing chart to find the appropriate size for your head. To fit the helmet, adjust the chin strap until it fits comfortably. A slight amount of play in the chin strap is normal and should not affect the fit of your helmet. If you have a large head, you may want to go up a size from what is listed in the sizing chart.

What’s in the Shell?

The HJC DS-X Dual Sport Helmet is designed for riders who demand the best value for their money. It features a lightweight shell and premium liner to deliver precision fit and protection. The DS-X also includes an adjustable fit system for a custom fit, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and comfortable, and a drop-down sun visor for added protection in bright sunlight. 

Ventilation and Noise protection

The peak performance liner and airflow system help to keep your head cool and protect you from wind noise, while the adjustable visor lets you customize your protection depending on the conditions.
HJC’s DS-X Dual Sport Helmet is a great option for budget-minded riders. It has many Pros, but it does have some cons. Here are the key points:
-Cheap price
-Good quality materials
-Peak performance at a budget-friendly price
-Some fit issues may occur
-May not be ideal for extreme riding conditions


With all these features at an affordable price, the HJC DS-X is the perfect choice for riders who are looking for peak performance without breaking the bank. If you’re in the market for a dual-sport helmet, the HJC DS-X might be a great option for you. This helmet is affordable and comes with features that make it a good choice for commuters and road riders. 

1stort dual sport full face helmet 

1Storm Dual-Sport Helmet is a new helmet that is specifically constructed for two-wheeled vehicles whether you’re riding your motorcycle, ATV or dirt bike. With a sleek design and many features at a very low price, 1Storm Dual-Sport Helmet is worth considering as your next helmet purchase!

Outer Shell Construction

The Storm Dual-Sport Helmet is a high-quality, low-cost option for riders who want the best features and protection. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is a lightweight and durable material. The helmet also has a smooth finish which makes it comfortable to wear.

1 storm Helmet view

The multiple EYE PORTs allow you to see clearly while riding, even in low light conditions. And since it’s designed for a dual-sport motorcycle, it has ear protection that’s adjustable and durable.

  • Power click leash system.
  • EPS liner interior.

Dual sport helmets are protecting the best of the best on and off the rack. It doesn’t matter if you are  a beginner or a pro to have a great and sneaky look with the best mouth guard protection on the tracks. Hope the mentioned dual sport adventure helmet would surely satisfy you from all angle.  

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