Best Motorcycle helmet face shield: FAQ and Tips

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A motorcycle helmet face shield protects you from the small molecules, flies, and bugs floating in the air. You have to look for the perfect size, shape, and additional features while buying the best helmet visor. An anti-fog coating or even a photochromic one is a great pick for your motorcycle helmet face shield.
If you have a built-in helmet visor or a motorcycle helmet face shield then that is great. Otherwise, depending on your helmet, you can look for different models of face shields but the fitting is important. A list of different types of motorcycle helmet face shields and helmet visors is given below. 

Motorcycle helmet face shield: FAQ and Tips

Types of helmet Visor?

Now there are a variety of visors available in the market. There are a number of helmets that provide a tinted visor and a clear visor within the package. That is a great deal as you can choose any one of them based on your riding situation. Often the additional visors are pretty expensive. There are different types of visors available in the market. Like: 

  1. Clear Visor- Usually you can get one of these with your helmet but depending on the brand, you can always get a new one. Clear visors are the most common type of motorcycle helmet visor. These are transparent, allowing maximum light and maximum visibility during a ride. 
  2. Dark Tinted Visor- These are great if you are having a problem with bright light. For example, a dialect eye is a little sensitive to the brighter lights and the dark-tinted visors will protect you from brighter light on the road. 
  3. Photochromic Visor- They react to the light. The more time it spends under the light, the darker it gets. Photochromic visors do not come with every motorcycle helmet. You can buy them additionally and usually they are a bit expensive due to their additional tech features. 
  4. Smoked Visor- Smoked visor usually comes in the color black. They are more durable than the clear visors offering better protection and a cool look. Smoked visors are translucent in nature and provide better visibility than the mirrored helmet.
  5. Mirrored Visor- Mirrored visor has a mirror-type surface finish that reflects light falling on it. Only a small portion of the light is allowed through these types of visors. You can use them safely in the rain, and foggy conditions. Mirrored visors are not really great after sunset.

Are black helmet visors illegal? 

This one depends on the weather condition, time of driving, and the area of driving. For example, if you are riding on a foggy evening with a dark visor tinted up-front on your helmet, then there is a possibility of being charged with a Section 18 offense from the Road Traffic Act 1988. Now, such a rule-breaking can cause a driving ban, fine, and even a token to retake your driving test.
On the other hand, the same rules apply during a fading light or even at the night. A black visor on a night ride prevents clear view and that is addressed as careless driving in the legal terms and that is illegal. For such reason, I would suggest you buy a clear helmet visor especially if you are thinking about getting a tinted one.

Do you need a visor on a helmet?

If you intend to ride with a sunglass and an open-face helmet to enable proper airflow during your casual ride then you don’t need a visor on your helmet. But if you are gonna ride for a longer period nonetheless the night-time or day, then you should attach the visor on your helmet or choose the helmet with the attached visor.
On the other hand, a helmet visor protects you from bugs and dust falling directly on your eyes. During night rides, using a black visor is a punishable crime in most cities, So you should go with a clear one at that time. Furthermore,  you should always put your visor down at night, as the bugs usually roam around on the road at night and that is quite dangerous for your eyes.

1. Wancar Retro Universal Standard 3-SnapOpenFace Motorcycle Helmets Flip UP Face Visor.

Wancar Retro Universal is a flip-up universal visor with a 3-Snap fitment that fits all open face helmets with the 3 stud configuration. This universal face shield is easily replaceable without any tools in a few seconds. In addition to that, the injection-molded polycarbonate shield fulfills all the safety requirements.  
helmet visor

A retro design for your Motorcycle helmet face shield

This motorcycle face shield comes with a retro-style flip-up design. It perfectly covers the rider’s forehead and eyes against strong wind and dust during a ride. The Wankar face shield suits both men and women. Additionally, the Anti-UV, Anti-fog, and Anti-scratch treatments make it a durable choice. 

3-snap Adjustment system

Wankar retro style comes with 3 button adjustment system that satisfies the versatile range of riders. The standard 3-snap adjustment system is compatible with most open-face helmets. Furthermore, the installation system is quite easy.  

Installation Procedure :

To install it perfectly, at first flip up the helmet and make alignment with the 3 snaps on the helmet. The initial connection between the middle snap exerts a sound like a click. Additionally, the following two snaps also need a hard press to be connected. And, you are done with mounting the new Wancar retro style motorcycle face shield with your open face helmet
UV Protective motorcycle helmet visor


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UV Protective motorcycle helmet face shield

Moreover, the Wancar Retro style Universal is famous for its UV protection, easy installation, and scratch resistance. In addition to that, the compatibility with most of the open face helmets makes it a demandable motorcycle helmet visor in the market

2. Bell Men’s Star/ Vortex/RS-1 and Revolver Helmet Face shield.

This one is a suitable helmet face shield for street-sport-type motorcycles. The click release shield attached to it enables a direct replacement without any hassle. Bell Men’s Star is a DOT-certified helmet that fulfills every safety requirement. Although it fits only the bell star helmets made prior to 2016 only, the helmet has some great features. 
Helmet Face shield.

 A Scratch Protective Design

The bell men’s star vortex and Revolver helmet face shield are scratch protective. Additionally, the dark smoke color of the face shield is an attractive choice for those who like to dress in Black during a ride

Click-release System

The click release system shield is compatible with versatile models of Bell’s helmet. The Bell Star, Vortex, RS-1, Qualifier, and Revolver helmets support this helmet face shield perfectly. To enable an easy replacement, this helmet feature a click release system that allows switching back and forth just in seconds. The UV protective coating reflects sun rays and protects the rider’s eyes from harmful molecules
helmet visor
Additionally, it is a flexible helmet shield and It flexes till the edges meet. Although there is confusion about fitting this shield into a Bell qualifier helmet, it fits perfectly on a Bell revolver helmet

Clear View

 This motorcycle face shield is not even the darkest one, so you can ride with it any time. However, if you need to switch to a clear one then the click release system will help you to switch back. Moreover, the Bell Men’s Race Star helmet shield does not fog up like the original shield. So, you are gonna enjoy it riding with. 

3. Shoei Transitions Photochromic Shield with Pinlock Pins CWR-1.

Although the Shoei Transitions Photochromic helmet face shield comes in only one size. The build quality and the UV protection capability make it a suitable choice for bikers having Shoei helmets. Shoei transition is a pin-lock enable shield that supports the street bike type of helmet perfectly

100% UV Protection

Shoei transmission is famous for its 100% UV protection capability that fades to 50% transmission in two minutes. This helps the riders to avoid brighter light during the day. The moment you get out with this helmet shield, it starts to darken. 
The Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating protects the shield from scratches and outer collision. 

A Pinlock-ready Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield

Innovative new ribs on the top and bottom edge of the shield to improve rigidity and eliminate bending from wind pressure. In addition to that, the Pinlock®-ready support installation feature eases the trouble of force removable. The Scratch-resistant coating is another remarkable feature of the Shoei Transitions Photochromic helmet shield.


HJC helmets are great considering their safety performance, additional features, and durability. If you have an HJC helmet, then you can find additionally available helmet shields for your loved one. Matching the face shield with your helmet is an important part of the ride. We have found a great pick for your HJC helmet as they have a custom twist on the available helmet face shield. 
dark smoke face shield

A Dark-Smoke Finish

HJ-09 has a dark smoke feel on its shading. Great aerodynamic engineering was developed based on the RST mirror coating. The RST mirror coating reflects the vacuum applied metallic compound coating. It may seem hard to understand, but the reflection is pretty smooth and it is favored by most of the riders.
a dark smoke helmet shield

Perfect Visibility

The motorcycle helmet face shield should have the greatest visibility range and in such a case, HJC is providing better products in the market. The HJ-09 helmet face shield has a gradient smoke effect on the top side and a hi-def orange effect with it. The hi-def orange effect and the gradient smoke change the lighting on the upper half. While the lower half remains unchanged providing an unrestricted range of visibility. 

A Great Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield

4.8 ounces of weight compatible with the most available helmet of the HJCs are a great pick for your everyday ride. You can collect the HJ-09 with an adult anti-scratch replacement face shield and the HJC Baseplate replacement kit to access the all available feature in your HJC helmet. Best of luck with that. 

5. WeePro Universal Helmet Shield

WeePro stands for “We Protect” and their initial helmet shield launch program stated considering the lack of a pin-lock-ready shield model. Additionally, the absence of anti-fog coating in the helmet face shield. Wee Pro anti-fog insert is a universal version available for the motorcycle helmet. The superior anti-fog performance of this one makes it a good pick for your helmet.
helmet shield

An Anti-Fog Motorcycle Helmet face Shield :

This particular motorcycle helmet face shield features a great anti-fog film with circled back adhesive. Such a design is easier to operate. Before selecting a helmet shield from WeePro, do not forget to confirm the sizes as no cutting can be made.

Better View in any weather

This helmet shield ensures a better view during a foggy or rainy ride and this is the highlighted feature of this one. Most of the helmets that support anti-fog-lens insert can be equipped with this helmet shield. It ensures proper safety and clear vision during any weather condition. 

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle helmet face shield and helmet visor:


What is a visor on a helmet?

Now helmet visors are an essential part of the helmet that protects your eyes from bugs and flies in the air during a ride. In addition to that, the helmet visor reflects ultraviolet rays from the sun. it is quite annoying to have sun rays directly into your eyes and it’s distracting too. So by using a helmet visor, you can easily avoid such issues while also protecting your eyes.
In case of mountain rides or off-road biking, you must use a visor as it will protect you from tree branches on a narrow single track. Moreover, a motorcycle helmet visor is a vertical face shield mounted on the helmet front that protects your eyes from wind, dust, rain, insects, and debris that might fall onto your helmet during a ride

Do all helmet visors fit?

Now, there is a common problem with the compatible list of helmet visors as the helmets from different brands come in different shapes and different sizes. Additionally, most helmets don’t come with the stock visor and not all of them are capable enough to mount a custom visor.
So in short, all helmet visors are not compatible with all helmets. You can only mount a dedicated model of visor for your helmet and you have to ensure its compatibility before buying a custom visor for your helmet.

Are motorcycle helmet visors universal? 

Unfortunately no. Motorcycle helmet visors and motorcycle helmet face shields are not universal. Individual brands have dedicated lists of visors for individual products. Additionally,  the custom visor is not always compatible with the available models in the market.
So while selecting a particular visor for your helmet, one should look for the perfect one that fits the outer shape, and size. In addition to that, visiting the helmet manufacturer’s stores or website will help you to find the available additional helmet visor for your helmet
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