Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets For a Comfortable Ride

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A helmet is an essential piece of safety gear during a motorbike ride. Helmets protect you from serious head and brain injuries through their impact absorption capability. Statistics show that around 69% of head injuries can be reduced by using helmets. If you like the wind passing through your face while riding a motorbike then you should go for open face motorcycle helmets.

Riders should be wearing helmets every time they use their scooters and motorcycles whether it’s short- and long-distance travel. Most countries around the world have already executed laws and legislation controlling the action. There are standards set for constructing and designing helmets which the manufacturer needs to meet.

Open face helmets give a rider coverage to the sides, back and top of the head. This is why it is often called ¾ helmets. These kinds of helmets are less heavier and more stuffy than full face helmets as they don’t cover your face entirely.

Open-face motorcycle helmets could be your best companion for enjoying the wind blowing past your face while riding a motorcycle. It offers a wide vision of the road with lots of fresh air.

Every rider has different preferences as to choose helmets for their rides. Some prefer safety over comfort. Some prefer to feel less restricted. In this regard, all open-face motorcycle helmets are not less safe than full-face helmets. The helmets made of lighter and stronger materials offer a higher level of finish and a better fit that ensures maximum safety.


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Let’s look at the best open face helmets and find out their distinctive features with the pros and cons-

Bell MAG-9 

With a built-in intercom port or recess that fits Sena 10S Bluetooth or the Sena SMH10, MAG-9 is full of features. This particular model from Bell has been very popular among MAG-series since it was first released. This solid matte black helmet shell is the contraction of polycarbonate/ABS which makes it lightweight and durable.

Open Face Helmet

Bell MAG-9 

Perfect Ventilation

The MAG-9 has 3 EPS sizes for a customized fit and a removable helmet liner. Microfiber cheek pads around your chin and borderline have a moisture-wicking material that keeps the rider cool. Its velocity flow ventilation system is adjustable.

Versatile Performance

Seven different configurable visor attachment and face shield makes the Mag-9 ready for any road you want to venture in. The dark smoke face shield and the brand-specific mounting kits are always ready to start even a cross-country journey.  Mag-9 operates with or without shields and visors and the convenient speaker pockets are just awesome in this price range.


  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Sena intercom compatibility
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure
  • Dropdown sun shield
  • Five-year warranty


  • Not for long and narrow face
  • The face shield doesn’t protect from fog and dust.

Providing the desired functionality at an affordable price, the MAG-9 helmet from Bell would be a good choice for a greater riding experience.

Arai Classic-V

Classic-V from Arai is the latest addition to its open-face retro category. Arai’s Special Fiber Laminate or SPL, which is fiberglass composite makes it unique from many other basic open face helmets.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


Arai Classic-V

Versatile Performance

Its embodied hidden vents into the shell are great for ventilation in warm weather. They have a variety of classic retro graphics in a few different colors along with plain blacks, whites, and greys.

Safe and Durable

It doesn’t come with an attached visor like MAG-9, but pretty much any goggles will comfortably fit there. Regarding safety, Classic V is Snell approved which means it’s equivalent to giving the utmost safety as an open-face motorcycle helmet.

Compact Size

The compact sizing of the Arai V classic makes it good-looking open-face motorcycle helmets. As per the various users’ opinions, this one fits perfectly in most cases. The reason behind this is the different helmet shell size variations by the Arai. This is not a bulky helmet and its structure is designed to sit low on your head. So, overall you will get a comfortable fit on your head.


  • The retro look is very stylish
  • Excellent build quality
  • Snell safety tasted
  • Hidden venting channels

Cons: The comfort liner is not removable

  • Slightly expensive
  • Little noisy

If you are willing to pay a good price for a high-quality and stylish helmet then Arai classic V is what you can go for.

YEMA Helmet YM-627

The YM-627 model from YEMA helmets can be a good pick for your riding experience. The matte black finishing attracts both men and women. Its aerodynamic ABS shell with multi-density EPS liner protects your head in any weather condition.

Open Face Motor bike Helmet


YEMA Helmet YM-627

Adjustable Visor

The rider can change the dual visor as per need with the quick-release button. The inner retractable smoked visor and the outer clean shield ensure a wide field of visibility. Additionally, the clear sun shield is easily removable without any tools.

Comfortable Interior

Its interior is spacious enough for you to fit in your speakers and glasses. The comfortable inner liner is removable and washable that preserves the inside clean and new. The air vents circulate fresh airflow which keeps the rider cool for hours.

YEMA Helmet YM-627 is a professional-grade motorcycle helmet with a fashionable look. Certification of DOT secures its safety standards.


  • Scratch and UV-resistant dual visor
  • Sufficient airflow exchange
  • Button to switch inner visor
  • Aerodynamic ABS shell
  • Meets Dot standards


  • Inaccurate size chart
  • Bluetooth devices are not built-in

Overall, the helmet has all the features a helmet needs for natural ventilation. You can add this to your collection.

LS2 Spitfire

LS2 spitfire is a helmet made of a thermoplastic ABS shell with a vintage graphical look. To have a modern stylish look you can look for the graphical varieties spitfire offers. As expected for open-face motorcycle helmets, spitfire comes in plenty of urban paints.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


LS2 Spitfire

Protective Sun Shield

Built-in two-position sun shield for eye protection for sun glare. Sunlight will not deform your vision. The sun shield is scratch-resistant and UV protective. The sun visor is dark though so you might want to avoid it while riding at night. But you can always buy a clean visor for your fashionable spitfire.

Comfortable Interior

This headwear has a breathable and hypoallergenic interior and washable padding which is going to save you from allergic reactions. Its 3D laser-cut foam gives maximum comfort and a hygienic interior.

As an open face helmet ventilation is always ensured. It has hidden air vents above the visor to take air into the helmet. It comes in two outer shell sizes to fit the smallest to largest head sizes.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • 3D laser-cut comfortable padding
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Multi-density EPS
  • Available in different graphical appearance


  • Dark sun visor

If you are allergic to dust and looking for a hygienic padded helmet that will save your allergic reactions, this helmet is right for you! Besides, you don’t have to pay a large amount for such quality.

Schuberth M1 helmet 

The Schuberth M1 is a premium helmet made in Germany. Its special SRC intercom system is a game-changer. It’s a suitable bike for all occasions and every bike like a cruiser, tourer, naked or even a big wheeler.

Open face motorcycle helmets


Schuberth M1 helmet 

Ventilation Performance 

Ventilation of this helmet is on the upper front part and the air flows through the inner shell expelling the heat through the outlet of the shell. Innovative head ventilation intake ensures proper ventilation performance. The aerodynamic design furthermore ensures perfect ventilation while dodging wind noise.

Versatile Performance

The helmet comes in a variety of matte and glossy colors. Scooter cafe racers touring motorcycle riders would find this helmet is best. Schuberth always ensures a low weight to stability ratio and the M1 is no exception. Direct Fiber Processing retains the optimum stability.

The integrated sun visor with an anti-fog ready system of Schuberth M1 Pro is easily adjustable.


  • Optimized aero-acoustic design
  • Pre-installed dual microphone and speaker
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial liner
  • Built-in Communication System


  • It’s more expensive compared to other open face helmets

To sum up, Schuberth M1 is the helmet with the latest technology in utmost safety as well as a

tremendous look that is worth the price.

Vega X390 

Vega X390 is manufactured by Vega helmets. They are well known for their retro-styled vintage helmets. The lightweight polycarbonate outer shell is durable and fashionable for an everyday casual ride.


Vega X390 

Drop-down Shield

Lightest ¾ helmet that contains a built-in drop-down sun shield and 3-snap shorty visor for eye protection which is adjustable. It is a lightweight helmet, which helps in reducing neck and shoulder exhaustion for a longer ride.

Comfortable Interior

Its super absorbent wick-dry liner system wicks off the sweat and anti-microbial fabric assures comfort and safety. The soft and comfortable wic-dri liner always keeps the interior cool. The interior padding is anti-micro bacterial and all of it just weighs about 2.5 lbs.

The X390 has a DOT certificate for legal safety standards and a 5-year defect warranty.


  • Cheap
  • lightweight polycarbonate shell (2.5 pounds)
  • Wick-drain liner system
  • Includes 3-snap visor


  • Cheek pads are not removable
  • Amber and clear sun shields require to buy separately

Moreover, Riders who are on a tight budget can easily get this helmet with some amazing features at the cheapest price.

Shoei J-Cruise 

Shoei helmets first introduced its Shoei J Cruise helmet back in 2013. Later on, it kept improving its features and performance.




Shoei J-Cruise 

UV Protective Sun Shield

The Shoei J-Cruise is a premium three-quarter helmet with an innovative and larger sun visor than many of the other open-face motorcycle helmets. It gives 95%+ UV protection and ensures a wider field of view. It was designed for people who ride their bikes on a daily basis whether on busy city roads or countrysides.

Ventilation Performance

Open face helmets are always great at ventilation. This ¾ helmet gives you the coverage of a full-face helmet yet doesn’t hamper your freedom and great ventilation source. The adjustable top and rear exhaust vents always keep the interior cool.

Aerodynamic Design 

The Soei J Cruise is lightweight and compact because of its aerodynamic structure. It is lightweight, comfortable, and full of astonishing features. The built-in communication system integrates with SENA SRL will always keep you connected to the world. It is featured with defogging, noise reduction technology and much more to make your ride safer and comfortable.


  • Pinlock ready shield
  • Five-layer constructed chin strap
  • Outstanding ventilation
  • Custom-fit Interior
  • Adjustable top


  • Doesn’t have a protective chin bar

Moreover, Shoei J Cruise is a helmet that has all the incredible functions you will need in a helmet.

Buyer’s Guide for Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a two-wheeler is one of the greatest adventures. Whether commuting in the countryside or a busy city street, body protection shouldn’t be ignored and the best tool for that is a helmet. When you pick the best helmet for your motorcycle, you are steps ahead towards a greater riding experience you can ever get.

Whether commuting in the countryside or a busy city street, body protection shouldn’t be ignored and the best tool for that is a helmet. Motorcycle helmets saved an estimated 1,772 motorcyclist lives in 2015 and an additional 740 lives could have been saved if the motorcyclist had been wearing a helmet when they had an accident.

Ther are things you need to consider choosing an Open face helmet:

What is an open-face motorcycle helmet?

 Open face helmets are popular among cruisers, lady bikers. It is a lightweight helmet to make your head feel less burdened. An open-face motorcycle helmet gives a sense of freedom to the riders who don’t want to feel stuffy. You get to be amused by the broad sight and fresh air wearing an open-face motorcycle helmet. This would be a heavenly combination on a hot summer day. Usually not preferable for riding at high speeds. These ¾ motorcycle helmets are a great choice for best ventilation performance.

Riding Style

Open face helmets are mostly preferable for rides with a safe speed. If you think you are a little too speedy with your motorbike, an open-face motorcycle helmet would be risky for you. Likewise, if you are going on longer rides then you should stick with open-face motorcycle helmets for such long hours.

How much money the rider should pay?

There is a wide price range from $60 to above depending on the features and brands. When you are buying open-face motorcycle helmets you already know the risk factors regarding less protection. However, there are open face helmets built from expensive quality materials that you can get if you pay a good price that secures your safety.

Safety concerns

The safety concerns in respect of an open face helmet become more acute as a large portion of the face is left is revealed. As the chin area is not protected it is likely to get hit when a rider falls. Nonetheless, keeping the safety issues in mind you can go to the ones that are highly geared and give you the level of protection as full-face helmets. To maintain proper safety concerns, you can go for carbon fiber open-face motorcycle helmets.


In the process of manufacturing a helmet, certain safety standards are required to meet. The legal standards are DOT, Snell, and ECE. DOT approval certifies that your helmet is street legal. Snell certification needs more extensive testing, therefore, infers a safer helmet. The ECE is also the most up-to-date testing. So, appraise the legal safety standards while buying helmets.

Head size and Fittings

 This is the most important buying factor because if your helmet doesn’t fit perfectly that cannot save you from a crash. To know the proper head size measure from your eyebrows around to your head with a measuring tape. Different brands have different size charts. Buy the size that fits you accurately.

Comfort factors by the Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Air Ventilation:  In an open face helmet you get an air passing feature across the face as default. For greater ventilation choose an open face helmet that has multiple venting systems that pass the airflow in a different direction to avoid dizziness. Proper ventilation is very essential in summer rides.

Noise cancellation capability of open face helmet

Open face helmets tend to be a little noisy as it isn’t entirely covered. There are a variety of helmets that include noise reduction features. In this regard, you have to buy considering the fact. The noise cancellation capability of a helmet will help you to avoid ear fatigue experience while avoiding any kind of distraction. We have included a list of the quietest motorcycle helmets available in the market.

Weight consideration

Heavy helmets put an extra burden on your head and neck. That is very uncomfortable during long rides. Usually, open face helmets are lighter compared to the other types of the helmet due to the non-appearance of the chin bar. Also, some open-face motorcycle helmets contain materials that make a helmet more light.

Great Build Quality of an Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

A well construed open-face helmet gives the same level of safety as a full-face helmet. Most open-face motorcycle helmets have low-profile construction which gives an aerodynamic ride without the feeling of extra pressure. So you should consider the construction to ignore undesired issues.

Comparison with Full face Helmet

Keeping the safety and other threats in an account of an open-face motorcycle helmet might not be the best choice in most cases, above all, it’s undeniable that a full-face helmet is more secure. Whether it be dust, insects, or a fatal accident – your head is going to be saved.

Yet you cannot wholly ignore the amazing features of open-face motorcycle helmets that also save you from certain discomfort and gives you a Stylish retro look.

Open face helmets did prove their benefits and can be a strong aspirant to be the best choice for riders. In comparison to a full-face helmet, they are lightweight which is very relaxing for long rides as your shoulder and neck area remains open. The natural ventilation source is outstanding for trips under the dazzling heat of summer days.

Eye protection

Open face helmets are not covered in front. So you have to make sure to protect your eyes from bugs, dust, fogs, etc.

For that maximum, open face helmets provide two essential parts – Visors and face shields.

  • Visors: Some open face motorcycle helmets provide removable and adjustable visors that have a snap or push button. Many of them come up with sun protectors that give you a clear vision on a sunny road.
  • Face shield: There are high-quality open face helmets that have face detachable face shields that protect you from sun, heavy wind, rain, fog, insects. Dropdown face shields are user-friendly.

You have to pick the right helmet that ensures your eye protection.


A comfortable interior helps in the good fit of a helmet which is the specialty of an open face helmet. On the other hand, most of the interior has a removable and washable padding system to keep it clean and hygienic. If you are bothered about hygiene issues or allergic to dust, a hypoallergenic padded helmet would be the best choice for you.

Additional accessories of Open face Helmet

Open face helmets impart goggles, visors, helmet bags, gloves thereby you don’t need to spend extra money on those. On the other hand, there are some helmets available with built-in Bluetooth or other communication systems. Such communication features are important to remain connected to the world. And such great features are important for a riding companion.

Basic Knowledge on Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

 There is plenty of variation in helmets as for construction materials, size, weight, features, and price ranges. Observing all the facts and factors while searching for the best helmet is a fundamental requirement.

Open face helmet brought multi-purpose rides to the market and has been very popular. Mostly, people are aware of the safety measures also. They have different options to choose from different types of helmets depending on the rides they prefer.


Lastly, The open-faced helmets feel less stuffy as compared to the full-face helmet. Besides, they let your face stay open, making it an excellent choice for the one who feels claustrophobic when wearing a full face helmet. Additionally, the open face helmet gives better vision and this, in turn, increases your safety.

The open-face motorcycle helmets, however, lose out to the full-face helmet when it comes to the protection that it offers to the face. Since a more significant part of your face stays exposed, the probability of injuries increases when you wear an open-face motorcycle helmet.

Additionally, sometimes you need to spend extra on buying goggles to protect your eyes when you are riding your motorcycle with open-face motorcycle helmets. To sum up, considering better visibility, cheaper price, flexibility, body print a rider has lots of options in open face helmets.


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